LETTER: Clothes Closet fills more needs than clothing

I am writing this letter as a volunteer of the Rockdale/Conyers Clothes Closet. We have been made aware of the future closing with a final date of June 16.

The Clothes Closet has used the county-owned building at 1050 Oakland Ave. for many years rent free. Since we have been informed the building is no longer serviceable and the Rockdale County government does not have the resources to repair the existing structure, we must vacate.

We as volunteer workers have lived with many problems that are there but have been able to manage and to store and display the items available for home, men, women and children.

As you look upon the face of a "battered" woman out of a home and no clothes and we are there to help her, or to a family with children ready to start school with no shoes or clothes, your heart goes out to them.

Instead of closing, why not provide this vital service to the community in another building or place. Surely Rockdale County government has such a place.

We spend lots of money for "people," such as the tennis courts, bicycle lanes and much more.

We cannot begin to list the work done at the Clothes Closet, but to name a few, Christmas gifts and clothes, Easter baskets and toys, school supplies and clothes and the list goes on.

The Clothes Closet does not only supply clothing but meets the need for furniture, kitchen items, and much more for families that have been hit by fire or disaster

—Shirley M. Moye