LETTER: Community owes Clothes Closet's Judy Smith debt of gratitude

You are fortunate if you've never met Judy Smith. This would mean you have been able to provide sufficient clothing and other necessities for yourself and your family. It comes as no surprise that many in our community cannot afford the luxury you enjoy. Every day for more than 35 years Judy Smith has made it her business to provide decent clothes and a helping hand to those less fortunate. She has done this without compensation but with compassion and respect.

Sure the building is falling down, but it's from lack of regular maintenance from the owners. Few people would put up with this sorry work environment, but Judy has always been more concerned with her clients' well-being than with her own -- she has quietly just served this community with no fanfare or rewards other than from her grateful clients.

For years she has been promised better accommodations for her work and she never lost hope of this becoming a reality until an eviction letter was shoved under the door. Hard to believe, isn't it? She and her volunteers must vacate by June 1.

Judy, I join all those folks you've clothed over the last 35 years in saying a big thank you -- job well done.

-- Jean Hambrick