Rockdale Phone Poll March 25

The Citizen Poll is a weekly compilation of reader comments on subjects of local interest. The Citizen publishes as many comments as space allows. Comments, which may be edited for space or content, are published anonymously on Sunday. To submit a comment, call 770-483-7108, ext. 402; email: poll@rockdalecitizen.com; or complete the online form at www.rockdalecitizen.com.

"Well, I was planning on putting some vegetable dyes in the Travis Street fountain to 'green it' for St. Patty's Day, like they do in cities Savannah and DC. Thankfully, the fountain is broken, so my small act of Irish prankstering was thwarted by the incompetence of the city's maintenance crew. Way to go, guys!"

"There are always three topics that cause heated discussions. These topics are politics, religion, and race. I am praying for the individual in the March 18th poll that was angry at the 'white thugs' then making a statement about slavery. I pray constantly for slavery to end in America as it still exists today, mostly human trafficking. One tidbit I need to add to you saying 'this country was built on land stolen from the native Indians with forced labor of the black slaves,' don't forget that the Chinese were also involved in slavery during that time period. If we must focus on the past, we need to educate ourselves to know the truth. I understand your anger but the past is the past that should be left in the past. What can you do now to help your fellow neighbor? Instead of hate, show love."

"I have noticed a lot of hit and runs in the news in the past few years. Is it easy to get away with that? I always thought that if you flee the scene, it's a lot worse on you. It must not be that way anymore if that many people are doing it."

"That was smart of Newton County to work with Walmart to build a store on Salem Road right on the county line. It will pull thousands of Conyers dollars per week into Newton. I wish we had leaders in Conyers that thought like that. By the way, I have not seen a story about it in this paper. I guess Walmart forgot to email the story in to the Citizen. That is how they get their stories right? It seems to be against their policy to get out from behind their desk and go look into things to report about. Let alone ask a question to anyone."

Editor's note: Stories on the new Walmart ran in the Newton and Rockdale Citizens on several occasions, including May and December 2011, January and March of 2012. In addition, we ran a front page feature photo the day after the opening showing shoppers on the first day of business. Visit www.rockdalecitizen.com or www.newtoncitizen.com and search using the keyword 'walmart' to see these stories.

"When reading obituaries online, I find it nonreverant for the ad to drop down. It seems that this feature should be turned off on the obituary site."

"The improvements at I-20 interchanges are needed and definitely would make them more attractive, but please without those large rocks. Just the chain link fencing, cleaned up and trees taken care of, would do wonders to beautify the interchanges."

"Last week's poll: 'Nearly 64 percent of students in Rockdale County are receiving free or reduced lunch. Yet they're having problems with students using cellphones and thefts of iPhones and iPods. How are these students affording cellphone service when they allegedly can't afford lunch?' You know exactly why.... The same new folks who moved to Rockdale County in the last few years. The same ones who lease a Mercedes or a Lexus, have their hair 'did,' fake nails etc... yet often have their utilities cut off and use food stamps...You know who."

----"People should be aware that manning at the 911 center is now that the people that are left are up to a mandatory 60-hour week of 12 hours. I sure don't want to get someone in an emergency who is exhausted from working all those hours!"

"I think it is interesting that the Citizen covered the story of the redneck family fighting in the yard and the two women fighting the cop and knocking over the orange juice in Walmart. They covered those stories in great detail and were very informative. The reporter for the Citizen must have asked a lot of detailed questions when investigating it. Why is it that they don't give that same diligence when investigating things involving the school discipline, the public works, or the massage 'spa' on Dogwood Drive?"

"I just read the story about the two women buying Happy Meals and starting a fight at the Walmart. This is another reason why we need to limit the number of rental properties in the county. Our government subsidizes rent for a lot of people who act like this. So, we need to ban all new apartment-type properties and start heavily taxing all rental properties. Those two idiotic women with nothing to do cost this county and city money. They occupied the time and resources of this officer, cost business to the McDonald's and Walmart, plus they destroyed the orange juice. When apartments are built here, the people with government housing vouchers start moving in. Can we tax the apartment complexes more to offset the cost of low-lifes in our community? Those two women just contributed to lowering the value of my house. Does no one else see that?"

"Rockdale County has three focus schools that 'need attention' that was released this week by the state of Georgia. The schools are Heritage High, Rockdale County High, and Salem High. All three high schools in Rockdale County. What does the Rockdale Board of Education have to say about this problem? It is funny that there has been no mention of it in the Rockdale Citizen."

Editor's note: A story about the focus schools was posted online on Tuesday and published in print on Wednesday.

"Hey Super Snobs in Olde Town! I don't wave at you because I want to be your best friend. Don't worry. I won't follow you home and try to be best buddies with you. I know I'm not good enough for that. I am just being friendly because I thought we had a 'small-town' feeling going and was just being polite. So just keep riding around in your shiny Suburbans. I didn't mean to offend you by being nice!"

"Did you read about the ruckus at the Walmart's McDonald's? A truly fine example of how to behave in public. These people showed a lot of class. All low."