Fight breaks out at Walmart after Happy Meal order

CONYERS -- Two cousins who ordered Happy Meals at the McDonald's inside Walmart Friday evening wound up in jail after they allegedly started a fight and resisted arrest, drawing a large, boisterous crowd of onlookers.

The fight, which occurred at about 8 p.m. in the Dogwood Drive store, resulted in one suspect knocking over an orange juice display, slipping in the juice spilled on the floor and being subdued a Conyers Police Department officer after she reportedly tried to dig her fingernails into the officer's hand and refused to comply with orders.

The two suspects, Jamecia Keyada Mack, 27, and Ventress Aroyal Tyler, 22, both of 1640 Callaway Loop, reportedly ordered food at the McDonald's, and when the McDonald's employee made an error in their order, began to taunt him and call him names.

The manager at the restaurant told the employee, Jaylan Martez Wallace, 19, of 6282 Varnay Path, Lithonia, to walk away from the dispute and asked the two women to leave the store, according to witness statements. However, a short time later, witnesses said Wallace and another McDonald's employee were near the dairy case when Mack and Tyler approached them and again called Wallace names and taunted him for working at McDonald's. Mack allegedly slapped Wallace across the face, and employees had to step in and separate them. Wallace then went toward the grocery exit of Walmart where his mother, Danita Wallace, 42, of the same Varnay Path address, was arriving to pick him up. According to the report, when Danita Wallace was told about the incident, she walked down the main aisle toward the dairy case where she confronted Mack, and the two began yelling and cursing at each other.

Tyler was detained and handcuffed by an officer as she was apparently trying to leave the store. Another officer intercepted Mack as she was headed toward the exits. The officer struggled with the suspect for several minutes but was able to get her handcuffed behind her back. As she was being escorted out of the store, Mack allegedly grabbed the officer's left hand and dug her fingernails into his fingers. As the officer tried to free his hand, Mack allegedly grabbed an orange juice display, causing several jugs of juice to fall on the floor and spill. When Mack ignored several commands to stop resisting and let go of the juice display, the officer reported that he "delivered several knee strikes to her right thigh with my right knee." When the suspect let go of the juice display, she slipped in the juice on the floor.

Mack reportedly continued to try to grab the officer's hand and screamed profanities as she was escorted out of the store. When placed in the officer's patrol unit, Mack reportedly continued to scream obscenities and kicked the car's center partition and window in an apparent attempt to escape.

Mack's daughter, who was at the Walmart with her mother, was released to the custody of her father.

According to the incident report, Mack was charged with felony obstruction, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness; Tyler was charged with obstruction and disorderly conduct; Jaylan Wallace and Danita Wallace were both issued citations for disorderly conduct.


CBSfinder 3 years, 8 months ago

Sound like graduates of Alcovy High School.


John 3 years, 8 months ago

This was at the Wal-Mart in Conyers on Dogwood Dr.


Frustrated 3 years, 8 months ago

Let me guess, Taylor and Mack neither have jobs and they were making fun of someone that was at least working? Just goes to show how things are going these days. I hope these two learns a little something from all this but I sincerely doubt they will. They will go on acting like a couple of little thugs and will keep going to jail. I congratulate you Mr Wallace for trying to do the right thing.


Yallneedprozac 3 years, 8 months ago

Ok so what I don't understand where is all this frustration coming from? First Alcovy high school kids are getting beat up, now Mcdonalds really people over a Happy Meal? It is supposed to make you happy not want to fight. I guess they didn't like the toy? Excuse my humor but really what kind of example is this for our kids? Wow this really shows maturity doesn't it? Let's make fun on an employee who made a mistake and call him a bunch of names. OK last I checked the guy was human and it easy to make a mistake in Fast food.

Anyway the two needed to be arrested for acting like fools and seeting such a prime example in public.


momofone 3 years, 8 months ago

My concern is the fact that her daughter witnessed this incident. DFCS needs to step in and investigate this family, at a minimum, this is child abuse. To expose your child to your violent outbursts and to assault another in front of a child is second degree child abuse. If she is 27, you know that her daughter is young and impressionable (and for all of you who are going to say something- young and impressionable is anything under her mother's age).


Henrycounselor 3 years, 8 months ago

I agree completely momophone. Good luck on DFACS because they don't o anything for the ones they should and the ones they shouldn't end up in trouble. The system is flawed. Not saying there aren't any good hearted individuals that work for DFACS but they have left a bad taste in my mouth time and time again. Unfortunately when that happens it makes it bad for the everybody. However going back to what you were saying yes they definately need to be investigated if they are going to start fights for no reason. Also realize that people are human and they make mistakes.

In front of the children there shouldn't be violence point blank. Think before you act people that is what is wrong with today's youth bad examples from supposed role models.


brnga 3 years, 8 months ago

Really--how ridiculous!! Don't you think they're a little too old for Happy Meals anyway?


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