Newton Citizen Poll for March 18

“I know this is going to upset some people but I have to complain again about the tractor trailers parking behind the CVS at Salem Road and Brown Bridge Road. I attempted to turn in last Sunday and there were so many trucks parked there, I could not get into the driveway. Before you go jumping on me about the drivers spending all week away from home, understand this. I understand that but when does their convenience overrule the safety of other people. I say safety because it was a hazard the way they were parked. They were blocking half the roadway. Maybe if the Sheriff’s Office or the owner of the property were to put up no parking signs, like they had to do at Kroger, it would help. Not to worry, Walmart will be open soon and they can park there. Oops I forgot, Walmart doesn’t allow overnight parking (yeah right).”

“In response to a comment published in your newspaper concerning Snapping Shoals EMC, the decision to continue to support the coal fired power plant doesn’t seem to be the only problem members have been talking about. Just as a brief summary on that subject, the poison mercury in the sea which is contaminating our largest food source comes directly from residue in the smoke you see rising from coal fired power plants. If you knew something you were doing was killing you, wouldn’t you stop doing it? The best case scenario, certainly not being nuclear, is the new oil deposits in North Dakota. …”

“Can anyone tell me why Newton County is on the line for a loan for Newton Medical Center, a privately owned corporation, for $20,000,000! And who is responsible for paying off this loan? And why has it not been paid off since it was taken out over 20 years ago? Who has been paying the interest on the loan? And why the taxpayers of Newton County have to pay money to the hospital every year for indigent care? Don’t all other private hospitals have a set-aside for those types of expenses. I don’t suppose anyone would be able to see the accounting records of the hospital because it is a private facility, but without review they should not be given another cent! It seems our taxpayer funds given to the hospital are just providing a uncontrollable gravy train for the administrator, president, CEO and all the people at the top. Who is responsible for approving these ‘gifts’ and why isn’t someone in a position of responsibility with the County reviewing these expenditures? If I’m not mistaken the county is in a budget crisis and no one seems to know where all this money is going for sure. The county sure doesn’t own the hospital any more since they gave it away to a private corporation.”

Editor’s Note: Emails sent to County Manager John Middleton and Chairman Kathy Morgan seeking explanation were not returned.

“Snapping Shoals Directors. Do they not know the cost of coal fired plants and nuclear plants which I guess the membership has invested in? All the smart money is going into Siemens petrol fired turbine generators. There is no comparison in the sulfur and mercury toxins released by the coal fired plants. You could build 50 Siemens plants for the cost of one nuclear plant. And no one ever talks about the cost of the fuel rods for the nuclear plants. Even at today’s cost of petrol, it’s a lot cheaper than buying fuel rods! Are you people ‘directing’ or simply being ‘directed’?”

“I see where a white thug has killed 16 people in Afghanistan. I guess even white people break the law. The point of this comment is to show you Internet racists how stupid you sound when you blame the majority of the ills of society on blacks. I also take exception to the comments about every race having experienced some form of slavery. This is true, but this is about the slavery that happened in America not elsewhere in the world. One final thought, the vast majority of slavery in the world’s history has been perpetuated by the white man. This country was built on land stolen from the native Indians with forced labor of the black slaves.”

“Thanks very much for the life stories of our veterans which appear in the Citizen each Wednesday. While all veterans are very special and deserve recognition, I owe more than I can repay to those whose were in World War II. I was 10 years old when Pearl harbor was attacked, so it was those of the ‘Greatest Generation’ who, by their sacrifice, allowed me to have a childhood free from aerial bombing and invasion. The kids of Europe and Asia were not so fortunate. And their assistance to me did not end there. It wasn’t long before I graduated college and entered the U.S. Army as a very green second lieutenant. And as luck would have it, the sergeants closest to me were World War II vets. They were my mentors and I’ll never forget them!”

“Darrell Huckaby’s editorial on March 7 with the caption, ‘America needs our votes early and often,’ was appalling. Not only did he admit to the felony of voter fraud in 1980 in a federal election, he also implicated his mother by stating he drove from the county where he was registered and in which county he had already voted to Newton County to vote illegally in Porterdale at her request. He even went on to say ‘...but come November -- well, if I thought I could talk somebody into letting me vote twice, I just might give it a try.’ What an awful example for him to set for his own children and for the young people that he teaches. I am surprised that he was allowed to publish this example of criminal arrogance in the Newton Citizen. I am proud to say that my mother would never ask anyone to commit voter fraud, and I would be very disappointed if my children committed this crime! I hope he does not incite others to follow his lead as there are serious penalties for this!”

“During the debate of March 4, at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C., between Progressive, Lawrence O’Donnell, and right-wing Ann Coulter, Coulter was definitely way out of her league. She made her showing worse by standing behind her earlier statement that women should not have the right to vote. She further reiterated that Americans should not be allowed to vote until age 26 when they pay for their own health insurance! Naturally, since this was a college crowd, Ms. Coulter received a lot of boos.”

“Obama’s Department of Justice is at it again. They are blocking the new Texas voter ID law. They are also going after a similar one in South Carolina. Anyone with a brain can see why this is happening. Obama wants to make sure all illegal aliens will be able to vote for him in the next election. His future plan will be to pass a law; all on his own, of course, since he never follows the rules of our Constitution, behind closed doors in the middle of the night, as he did Obamacare, for all illegals to be granted amnesty. Don’t you love it? His transparency is unbelievable. His utter disregard for our laws must be stopped once and for all by firing him in November! True Patriots, who love this country and want it restored to its previous Glory — the time is now — we must work hard to make sure Obama is a one-term president. Holder needs to be fired as well. He has proven how incompetent he is. He is a puppet, not a leader. They both need to go!”

“I don’t understand why Porterdale is trying to get an ordinance for baggy pants or any other city or county. I thought we had an indecent exposure law. It sounds like police are either too lazy or too scared to actually make them pull up their britches.”

“I was calling about bringing wrestling to Porterdale. I think it’s a good idea. I hope they make it a weekly event.”

“I would just like to know why on the website the Newton Citizen Poll is not there. The latest one on there is March 4. Did you not have one this week? I’d be interested to know why the Newton Citizen Poll is not on the website this week.”

Editor’s Note: It is on there now. We had technical problems with the website.


John 3 years, 8 months ago

If you don't think that the Irish, Chinese, Italians, Slavonians and others that immigrated to the United States weren't treated like slaves, you do need to read up on your history - especially those that built the railroads - Great Northern & Trans Continental to name a couple. And John Steineack's book "The Grapes of Wrath" is about how the" Okies" were treated. This all happened right here in the United States


John 3 years, 8 months ago

Oil was first discovered in North Dakota in 1951 but it wasn't until 2008 that they found an economical means to recover it through "rock fracturing".


KimberlyD 3 years, 8 months ago

I see someone is still whining the old "slavery" note. Are you a slave, were you a slave? NO, because if you were you would've died by now. It is 2012, it's time to get over it. I did not own a slave, my parents didn't, my grandparent's didn't and I can bet you that if you ask anyone else they don't know of anyone that did either!! I'm sorry it happened, but dang it, let it go!!


junebug 3 years, 8 months ago

So the paper has apologize for one of the strongest foundations of the great United States of America “Freedom of Speech”.. Defeat is once again ours. racism and being just ignorant is where you have failed. If you want your child to learn how your people was treated it should be done as a family learning experience. As a father of a kindergarten this age of a child which is still learning Math and English skills has no concerns of that era. You ever thought now how my child will look at yours. You wonder why this subject is so hard for you to comprehend when someone else mentions it. For the writer who knocks on the white thug that’s where your ignorants shows. He is a soldier who put your corwardly being before him so that you can hide behind your key board while he is fighting demons that I pray you never have to face.


momofone 3 years, 8 months ago

I would think that you might want to go back and study history before you start making comments about whose back this country was built on. You might be surprised at what you find. But, I guess that is the problem with America today, people forget and then re-create history to suit their own purposes. (I know that I am going to get some flack for that last sentence, but to each his own.)


Silverbullet 3 years, 8 months ago

Native American Peoples. Two hundred million genocided, murdered. Contrary to traditional wisdom, they did not come over from Siberia on the ice bridge 13,000 years ago. New carbon dated artifacts from the Topper Site on the east bank of the Savannah River prove they were here over 50,000 years ago! Being a Native American, I can no longer stand quietly by while other races complain and want everything for free because of their 'mistreatment'. All 200 treaties with Native Peoples were broken by the United States government and out people live in conditions worse than any third world countries. Casinos are not providing a majority any income. The average life span of a male at, for example, Pine Ridge in ND, is THIRTY TWO YEARS. Houses built by the BIA are like cardboard and uninsulated. Snow comes at Pine Ridge in October and continues till April. You people should be ashamed.


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