Market sells locally grown produce, gourmet meals

Christina Norman cooks gourmet meals to-go, such as these tomato pies, at Noring Farms on Floyd.

Christina Norman cooks gourmet meals to-go, such as these tomato pies, at Noring Farms on Floyd.


Andrew and Christina Norman display some of the crops they've grown on their Newton County farm sand now sell at their new business, Noring Farms on Floyd.

Market sells locally grown produce, gourmet meals

Rushing home after work and stressed about the dinner menu? Then let Noring Farms on Floyd take care of the cooking, and supply you with groceries, like fresh vegetables, bread and meat, for the next night's meal.

Operating out of the former Thrift Oil station on Floyd Street in the heart of downtown Covington, the market sells a variety of fruits and vegetables grown on Noring Farms owned by Christina and Andrew Norman.

The Normans installed a commercial kitchen at the location where Christina Norman prepares gourmet meals. This week's menu features Irish lamb stew, shepherd's pie, slow-smoked pork shoulder, pancetta (Italian-style bacon) and tomato pie.

The store also carries fresh-baked bread, free-range eggs and a variety of jellies, marinaras, cocktail sauces and fruit butters, made by Christina Norman.

"I want it to be one-stop shopping with really good stuff," Norman said. "This is like being able to go a farmer's market in Atlanta but it's here in Covington."

The Normans farm about 108 acres in Newton County where they cultivate several varieties of heirloom vegetables such as tomatoes (their mainstay), beans, beets, cucumbers, herbs, peppers, potatoes, squash and pumpkins, which they stock in their store and sell to top Atlanta restaurants.

They also grow fruits and raise hens for egg production.

The seasons dictate what produce is available.

"Right now, we have leeks, arugula, baby carrots, spinach, turnips and broccoli," Norman said. "When strawberries and asparagus come on line, you know summer is just around the corner."

The Normans round out their selection of produce, meats and cheeses with items grown on farms nearby, such as Johnston Dairy Farm, Burge Plantation and Tewskbury Farm.

"The great thing about this concept is that we're working with other farmers," said Norman, who added that the Noring Farms on Floyd tagline is "an all local urban market." "We can concentrate on certain crops they're not growing."

The Normans plan on adding to their store's selection grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, homemade sausages, artisinal cheeses and even more vegetables and fruits as the seasons transition.

Christina Norman said the response to the business during the first few weeks of opening has been "tremendous" with neighborhood residents and other supporters stopping in to shop.

"It just worked out perfectly. Everything kind of blended together," Norman said of the business, which is situated in a historic Covington neighborhood on a busy street.

"It's a great opportunity and one that not only serves us but serves other people as well."

Noring Farms on Floyd, located at 5177 Floyd St. in Covington, is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, For more information, call 678-712-6577 or visit www.noringfarmsonfloyd.com.