Jack Simpson: Ruminations on threat of Iran

Jack Simpson

Jack Simpson

Even with my personal health problems, all this talk about Iran developing an atomic weapon or further interrupting the world’s oil flow is worrisome.

What can be done to return more stability to that region of the world? Right now all the arm-chair analysts are sitting back watching, waiting, hoping nobody suddenly gets trigger happy. The president likes diplomacy.

There is talk that Israel might be planning a bombing run over Iran. Some observers wonder if they could pull it off without dragging the United States into the conflict.

If Israel does strike Iran, it would be difficult due to distance, a need for refueling enroute and the fact Iran's nuclear facilities are well protected and in ground. It might take over 100 planes to do even a half decent job of disabling the Iran nuclear program.

What happens if this raid comes off and it isn't totally successful? Does the United States find itself in another war during a declining economy? Iran has its own problems because of its insistence of a nuclear program, which many feel will further destabilize the region. Many nations have sanctions against Iran and Iran has halted oil shipments to some of its customers. European Union nations are big Iranian oil customers.

The concerned parties are still talking and this is a good sign. Yet, hope is slow in rising. Iran continues to deny it is working on atomic arms. It insists that its program is for peaceful purposes. Suspicious still are those who have asked for and been denied the right to inspect Iran's military facilities. The nation has not complied with its international obligations. Issues remain unresolved.

So, here we sit on the sidelines wondering what Iran has buried under 30 feet of reinforced concrete, and if Israel has a bunker bomb that could damage or destroy hidden Iranian atomic facilities. The risks are many, including dragging the United States into another war. Right now President Obama wants talks to continue.

So it is natural that we think about Iran and wonder just how dangerous it is. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is convinced as soon as Iran has a bomb, Israel can expect an attack. Threats from Iran to close the Strait of Hormuz do not build confidence. Other nations have pretty well succeeded in isolating Iran and its economy is collapsing. Help won't be on the way until Iran stops enriching uranium. Something has to give, and we hope change won't involve armed conflict.

Maybe the new sanctions on Iran's Central Bank levied at the president's direction will bring some positive results. The global economy will suffer greatly if Israel strikes Iran at this time. Those who watch what is happening hope wise heads choose a diplomatic solution.

Jack Simpson is a former educator, veteran, author and law enforcement officer. His column appears each Friday.