Newton Citizen Poll for March 11

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“The Newton County teacher from the March 4 Citizen Poll is 100 percent correct and I feel her frustration. I have worked elsewhere than Newton and Newton is by far the worst as far as families and way too many administrators. And that includes the county office. The top admin is afraid of the parents for some reason and they end up running the show. The good admin at the school level is unable to do anything because they don’t have the support of the county office. The majority of the teachers are great and truly are dedicated to the students to take the abuse they take on a daily basis. It is sort of like an oncologist works hard to save all, but the few they save keep them going. There are lots of good families in the public schools, too, but the entitlement-types are the bad apples spoiling the whole barrel.”

“I don’t know why anyone who lives in Newton County would be proud of where they live. The litter is unbelievable. Any potential beauty of this county is impossible to achieve with the amount of litter we have. I am unable to go along the roads and pick up, but I pick up any and all litter on my property. I don’t know who is sorrier; the people who litter or the ones who won’t at least maintain their own residence.”

“Wake up America! The anointed one who preached Hope and Change in 2008 has given us no hope and nothing but change in our pockets. Due to his excessive spending, our children and grandchildren have no future. Unless we make sure he is a one-term president, America will have no future. We will be turned into a socialist country, which is what he had in mind from the beginning. I am sick and tired of Obama and his administration’s attacks on Christianity while pandering to radical Islam! Patriots, we must get on our knees and turn to God that his will be done on Nov. 6 of this year. He is our only hope.”

“Looks like Newton County has lost again by dragging their feet. All surrounding counties have now passed the Sunday liquor sales. Newton County had the opportunity to vote on the issue at the Presidential Primary March 6 but instead decided to postpone the vote until November. This means for the next several months Newton County will be missing out on tax revenue, no matter how small, due to residents going to other counties to make their purchases. This again shows how the Board of Commissioners is too slow to act on matters of business and eventually harms the county. Along the same lines as this, the commission, in considering the liquor by the drink ordinance, are attempting to make it almost impossible for any restaurant or establishment to conform to the regulations. I know this is a hot topic but in the times of budget cuts, layoffs, and service reduction, shouldn’t it at least be considered? If people are going to drink, why not get the money to help the county?”

“So Covington would likely be held liable for ‘arbitrary and capricious action of the council’ by sticking with the old probation company and they would save $38,000 by going with the new probation company? Yet Dalton, Smith, and their little puppet Whatley all voted to keep the old company! I would love to hear some rationale from them about how this vote plays into the best interest of the city, but they have never used rationale, logic, or reasoning. Why would we expect them to start now?”

“Can someone please explain why parents are lining up for Oak Hill Elementary at Denny Dobbs Park and then darting across 212 into the school driveway or cutting people off to pull onto 212? It is getting very dangerous in that stretch of 212!”

“Thursday, March 8, 2012, Newton Citizen headline — Porterdale Alters Pants Ordinance. Is is just me or does the City Council members of Porterdale seem to be addressing the wrong ‘crack’ problem within their city limits?”

“To the person who wants to change others: You can’t change anyone but yourself. It seems you are too caught up in what someone else is doing that you can’t see you have faults of your own. Maybe it’s time you take a good look at yourself, maybe you’re the problem. Just because someone does something you dislike doesn’t mean you need to change them. It usually means it’s none of your darn business and stay out of it. Worry about yourself!”

“Hello Newton Citizen readers. I just want everyone to know Hooterville, which was Porterdale, is now the mini-Covington. Our City Council and mayor are trying to do every single thing the city of Covington is doing, cannot think for themselves, cannot vote for themselves, have to do things other cities are doing. Welcome to Hooterville, Porterdale, mini-Covington.”

“I was calling about the column in the Citizen Sunday, March 4, about Internet racism. I don’t know, but to me that woman, along with a lot of others like her, is a waste of space. Thank you.”

“I was calling about the Porterdale situation of trying to get a law passed to make people keep their pants up. I hope it passes, but that said, I never thought ever, ever there would have to be a law passed to make you keep your pants up. That is pathetic. Thank you.”

“I was calling about using taxpayers’ money for abortions. I think that’s pathetic. I think the government spends way too much money on deadbeats anyway. I think to help finance abortion is just dumb.”

“This is in reply to the black man who invites all the ‘Internet racists’ to say all the nonsense they say directly to his face instead of sitting behind a keyboard and enjoying the anonymity of the Citizen Poll. Tell me, ‘old buddy’ aren’t you doing the same thing? Sitting behind your keyboard and threatening to cancel your subscription to the Citizen while waiting for all the racist geezers to die off? You should have written a letter to the editor and signed your name. Where are your guts? Guys like you are actually the most racist people in America.”


John 3 years, 3 months ago

Please explain why the March 11 Phone Poll was published on March 14. Did the Leap Year effect, Change to Day Light Savings Time & the recent Solar Flare mess all ya' all up.


KimberlyD 3 years, 3 months ago

The government funding abortions is a lot cheaper than the government (tax payers) paying for the baby. Abortion is as legal as free speech. As for Sunday sales, alcohol has been sold in the city limits since October or November of last year and if I'm not mistaken I've bought it outside the city limits as well. As for Porterdale, maybe it should be a little bit more like Covington and step up with the times.


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