Town hall meeting set for Saturday

Staff Reports

COVINGTON -- Local and state elected officials are inviting the public to attend a town hall meeting this Saturday.

The event will take place from 10 a.m. to noon at Porter Memorial Library at 6191 Hwy. 212 in Newton County.

District 2 Commissioner Lanier Sims and State Rep. Pam Dickerson, D-Conyers, are confirmed to attend. Other elected officials who may attend are Board of Education Chairman Eddie Johnson, State Sen. Ronald Ramsey, D-Lithonia, and Newton Sheriff Ezell Brown.

"Just come out and let us know your input and let us know your thoughts. We want to keep the community informed," Sims said.

While the town hall is open to all county residents, it will be geared more toward districts 2 and 3, he said.

Politicians will answer questions from the audience and provide updates on local and state issues as well as have redistricting maps available for viewing.

"With the recent occurrence of Crossover Day last Wednesday, I urge Georgia residents to come out to this town hall meeting," said Dickerson. "I work hard to represent the people of House District 95; it is important that I hear from you to discuss and hear feedback on key legislation and end of session information."


henrystamm 2 years, 1 month ago

Everyone should boycott this so-called town hall meeting. We don't need socialists, communists and Anti-American in office. Shame on those idiotic and ignorant Republicans that placed us into the ignorant, none caring and racist DeKalb electorate.


HonestAbe 2 years, 1 month ago

I don't think you can classify the Newton County Republican Party the same way you would the state or National Republican Party. The Newton County Republican Party is a liberal gang that has no desire in getting input from the voters and citizens. They wish to control the government among themselves and to best benefit their needs. Most of these are former Democrats who called themselves Republicans from the year 2000 until now just to get elected as the state and county became more Republican. As the county becomes more Liberal and Democrat you can watch as many start to move over to the Democrat Party. In local politics you should look at the individual's record and platform more so than party. Since i am a ultra conservative i look for the most conservative candidate when voting in local elections but most always vote Republican in State and National elections.


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