JULIE WELLS: Don't let history steer you away from God

While sitting in church on Sunday, Pastor Charles Hodnett was really bringing forth some of what I like to call golden nuggets of wisdom.

One of those little golden nuggets that struck me while listening to him preach went a little something like this: "Don't let your history decide your destiny."

He said it twice and I had to write it down.

My first thought was I know someone I need to share that with, but then I was a little convicted myself. That statement wasn't for the person I was thinking of -- it was for me.

His statement is so true of us humans. We let our past just absolutely take over our future sometimes. We allow something that happened years ago to control our actions and thoughts towards certain things or even certain people.

Our history can help make us a better person and a better Christian, but that is only if we allow God to do a great work in our heart. The trouble is, we usually don't allow Him to do what He needs to do.

What I was being convicted about was my attitude towards a certain person. I was allowing myself to get prideful in regards to someone when I was around them.

For the life of me, I couldn't tell you what started it. But I know one thing, it has ended now.

I was holding onto something that was weighing me down and had done so for so long that I had lost sight of the truth. How sad is that?

Sometimes that part of history that we allow to control our future and our destiny completely makes us lose sight of our heavenly Father. Sometimes it is a little thing from our past, but either way, a big thing or a little thing, we need to daily lay our hearts, minds and actions at His feet.

Often, if we look back, it started out small and became something much bigger.

It is important too to stay grounded in the word, in His word. Because we often need reminders that this world is not our home. We've got a place in heaven to call home and more importantly a Savior to go home to.

So, here you go, this is your assignment for this week. Search your heart, ask God to show you those things or people that have caused you to hold on to the history and not allowed you to move forward in your destiny, the destiny that God has already ordained and picked out just for you.

Remember, life is but a vapor; it seems as though you blink once and 10 years have passed. Don't waste anymore time then -- press on towards to Him.

Julie Wells is the editorial assistant in the newsroom at the Rockdale Citizen. She can be reached at julie.wells@rockdalecitizen.com.