Ponder, Malcolm help their golf squads win vs. county rivals

 Rockdale golfer Blake Baron reacts after hitting his tee shot on the seventh hole at The Oaks Course.

Rockdale golfer Blake Baron reacts after hitting his tee shot on the seventh hole at The Oaks Course.


Newton's Emili Jones approves of her shot on the sixth hole at The Oaks Course.


Rockdale's Nazzerine Waldon holds her form after hitting her shot in a match against Newton at The Oaks Course.

COVINGTON -- Rockdale's Kaleb Ponder and Newton's Logan Malcolm were able to shoot the low score to help their teams win in a dual match at The Oaks Course on Thursday.

Ponder, who shot a 48 in nine holes on a par 36, beat the field of 12 boys as Rockdale beat Newton 218-245.

Unfortunately for the girls, darkness prevailed and they were only to play seven holes before running out of sunlight. But Malcolm, who shot a 53 through nine holes, was able to play well enough to take the low score with a 43 through seven as Newton won 89-101.

Shooting well enough to help Ponder get the win for Rockdale were Cameron Rivers (55), Brandon Lee (57) and DJ Youngblood (58). Unable to break into the top four for Rockdale were Blake Baron (64) and Rob Bruton (66).

Other than Brenden Brown, who had Newton's low score with a 58, all the other scorers were in the 60s. Scoring for Newton were Joseph Hallman (60), Laderrius Brown (62) and Tyler Bystrom (63). Playing for the Rams, but not scoring, were Corey Patterson (67) and Thomas Williamson (72).

"I'm proud of the young guys that came out. For a lot of them it's their first real match, ever, a lot of newcomers," said Newton head coach Stephen Spruell. "We just have to get the young guys some practice and get them used to playing. They're getting better."

In the girls match, three of the five girls, Newton's Emilie Jones, Malcolm and Rockdale's Nazzerine Waldon, were to finish all nine holes. But since the other two could only finish seven before they couldn't see, their match was scored over seven holes.

Joining Malcolm to give Newton the win was Jones who shot a 46. Also on the course for Newton were Jade Woods and Breanna Jefferson who each had a 48.

Scoring for Rockdale were Waldon (47) and Jasmine Edwards (54).

"The girls that have come back (from last season), Emilie, Logan and Jade, they went out and preformed as I expected," said Spruell. "They did well."