JULIE WELLS: Trusting the Lord means putting your heart in His hands

I am beginning to learn a whole new dimension of faith.

I say that because the very thought of me becoming a mother brings on a whole new definition of relying on the Lord and already accepting the fact that my husband Kevin and myself cannot do this -- raise our soon-to-be-born little girl -- without the guidance of the Lord.

When we found out that we were having a baby, we turned our baby over to the Lord right away. She isn't even here yet and I already worry about being able to protect her.

But at the same time, I've already learned this new found faith has already brought such peace to my life.

As many of you know, I was consistently sick the first three months of pregnancy, and lately I've been dealing with some blood pressure issues.

Each day I wake up I realize more and more that this child is His child, not just mine and Kevin's. We are just having the pure pleasure of being her parents.

Another dimension of faith that I'm beginning to embrace is, as much as I don't feel qualified to be a parent to Joy, God has already instilled in Kevin and I what we need to raise her.

God already knows everything about Joy -- the color of her eyes, what she will look like, and more importantly He has already ordained certain gifts in her life.

Kevin and I don't know those things, and that's OK, because part of being a child of The Kings of Kings and The Lord of Lords is knowing He has our best interest at heart.

It really doesn't matter if we know anything and everything or not, because we are supposed to be relying on Him and Him alone.

How many times have we thought we've known how to handle a situation or even someone and we've messed up because we, us humans, got to thinking?

The Lord tells us to trust Him, to put our whole hearts in His hands and leave it there.

Allowing your faith to grow in the Lord is really a beautiful part of growing closer to Him. I know when I look back and think about the trials of my life I realize that my faith grew stronger and the whole time I found a dimension of loving my Savior even more.

So my encouragement to you this week is this -- whatever you are facing, that you stop facing it alone. Stop and pray and go ahead and turn it over to the Lord. Remember that He loves you more than you could ever imagine and He has already fought this battle for you. Trust Him.

Julie Wells is the editorial assistant in the newsroom at the Rockdale Citizen. She can be reached at julie.wells@rockdalecitizen.com.