Newton Citizen Poll for July 1, 2012

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"I wonder what LaQuanda Carpenter thinks about this lawsuit situation. I wonder what would have happened if she had never read those comments in the paper or if she had just taken them for what they were worth and tried to improve the school. I wonder if the school board is glad that Mrs. Carpenter has reacted this way? The reason I wonder it is because they have not come out and said anything about it. Would the paper please directly ask school board members if they agree or disagree with Mrs Carpenter's lawsuit and why. If they disagree with it, what do they plan on doing about it? As a public watchdog organization, it would be helpful if you would help us voters and taxpayers flush this info out so we can decide how to vote. Thank you."

"I want to know what is LaQuanda Carpenter doing today to get her high school out of the lowest graduation rate in the county category of 64 percent? What is she doing today to fix that and the 50-plus percent failures in math? What is her intervention plan today to clean up the arrest records and taser incidents and car break ins and students looting local shops around Highway 36? What is she doing today to fix it? I will tell you what she is doing. Suing people who call her out. We pay your salary woman and we will call you out."

"I am so surprised at how quiet it is out there. Not too many years ago. Some 'move-ins' were crying about the 'Old Log Cabin' being torn down to build a bank -- how historical this building was, how they had grown up eating there. Guess what. It was not that old. It was nothing more than an OK restaurant. Now, as I drove home the other day. I noticed they were in the process of leveling the Hub. Now that was a historic place. I have read in the paper where people were crying about the eyesore. But in truth, that little building has been part of so many people's lives. I went there with my dad every week all my life. That was the bus stop between Atlanta and Augusta for the area. How many soldiers came home there? How many students rode home and got off the bus there? How many people ate there? Well OK, the food was not that great, but it had lots of character. Mr. Hodges ran it when I was growing up. I can remember him handing the tire gauge out the window so my dad could check his tires. The old men would meet there and chew the fat long before Hardees came to town. Get gas, play pinball. Now that is history! If anyone is going to get bent out of shape over a landmark getting torn down, that is the place to cry about. 'RIP' Hub. You are gone, but for those of us that are from here, you will never be forgotten."

"I saw where Stephanie Lindsey posted a request for help in her lawsuit on one of the forums in this paper. Is it a common practice for this paper to allow lawyers to use these forums as investigative tools? I disagree with you letting this lawyer use the paper this way. Can any lawyer get on here and use these forums as a bulletin board to help them with this case? Can anyone just post on here things they need from the community that will help them in their job?"

"I am surprised that the newspaper has not questioned Ms. Lindsey on her attempt to turn a hearing into a trial. I would really love for the paper interview her and ask her why she wanted to call witnesses and bypass the normal legal process. Why would she want to use the court at all then? Why not have the police just snatch the records from the paper then grab all the defendants in the middle of the night? That worked for the KGB. That would shut us all up and she could run her school however she wanted to."

"I have to admit that I am truly scared. This Alcovy principal lawsuit is out of control. At first, I just thought that the whole thing was emotional revenge and would be thrown out immediately. The real surprise is that the school board has not squashed this through mediation or in-house discipline. That is what has me scared. I know that a lawsuit is the wrong way for a good leader to handle this problem so why is everyone in leadership allowing it? I haven't made any mean comments so I'm not scared for myself in this particular case but I am scared of what this country is turning into. Does Mrs. Carpenter really think this is the best thing for our town? What about all of the great historical leaders of our country? They have never sued anyone for exercising their free speech. They just sucked it up and did their best."


MamaTurd 3 years, 5 months ago

I have to agree because a strong leader would have just looked at comments and said maybe there is something I can do differently if things are this far out of control and maybe I should just maybe take a step back and look. Strong leaders would suck it up and just let it go knowing if you are public figure you will not be liked always and that's just the way America is. Free speech is allowed whether she or her attorney like it. But to harass and threaten and the things that have been done show nothing but revenge and retaliation and that's not the way to go and it kinda makes you look like a child. It shows your true character and it doesn't look good at all.


livingart 3 years, 4 months ago

Exactly - the BOC, superintendent or the ones supposedly in charge of our school system; has done absolutely nothing to make the parents or citizens know we have the correct, knowledgeable people in place. This is really sad...


AWOL 3 years, 4 months ago

I agree with the comments above. Could someone from the paper do us all a favor and set up an interview with Gary Matthews. Please ask him his personal and professional opinion of this lawsuit. Does he think it is best for this county? For Alcovy? Is he proud of the way Mrs Carpenter is handling this. Does he expect all of his principals to start doing this? Why was his name mentioned in the Cease and Desist letter sent to Tennessee? Is he working with Lindsey? As a voter I would like all of this info out on the table? If the answer is "no comment" that is fine but he needs to be asked these questions in a very public way.

PS I would also like you to interview Mrs Carpenter and the other high school principals of the county and ask them about their specific plans for the High schools this year. Just a standard education piece for the summer about the employees that are not off right now. It would be great if they could share all of the great new initiatives they have been planning this summer.


livingart 3 years, 4 months ago

I should have said BOE - Now that have to nerve to want more money from taxes. Senior citizens - let us take notice that Newton County is the only county surrounding that does not drop school taxes at 62-65 ages. Their spending habits are above and beyond.


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