Burnette takes helm over Tigers sports

COVINGTON -- There is no doubt that Alcovy's new athletic director, Gabe Burnette, is stepping into a successful sports program. Now he has to find a way to advance it.

One way he is doing that is by seeing what the former athletic director, Chris Haymore, did by checking into the different processes Haymore had in place, see what was working and how Burnette can continue to make it work.

"We're just now starting that process," Burnette said. "I brought in some of the coaches to get their feedback on how things work to come together as a team and make Alcovy the best athletic department."

Last season the Lady Tigers basketball team made it to the Class AAAA semifinals and the boys advanced to the quarterfinals tournament. Even though Alcovy's success makes it easier to get local companies to donate to the athletic department to get sponsorships, Burnette knows that it's still a difficult task.

"That is one of our biggest short comings, because of how far we are away. That's one of the things that we talked about, getting out in the community and selling the program to the community to continue to get sponsors for the school," Burnette said. "But it's all about the students and showcasing the students here at Alcovy High School."

Showcasing Alcovy's student-athletes is at the forefront of Burnette's list. He feels that by making sure the public knows how well they do in its athletic field it will make it easier to get sponsors but more importantly keep its athletes. He wants to make sure all of Alcovy's programs are the best in the area.

"As long as a program is a good quality program, I don't see where that would be an issue and children would want to leave; they would actually want to stay," Burnette said.

But at the same time he doesn't want athletes to go to Alcovy because of its programs. If they don't live in the Alcovy district, he feels like they shouldn't be able to attend just to help its athletic program.

"If they do transfer in, they still have to go through the process and determine if they're eligible to play," Burnette said.

While Alcovy participates in a majority of the sports under the control of the Georgia High School Association, there are still several sports available which it does not partake in the activity. Some of the other sports Alcovy does not participate in include gymnastics, lacrosse and swimming and diving

"As of right now, I haven't looked into that," Burnette said. "But to me that's more of an administration decision as well."