Newton Citizen Poll for June 24, 2012

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"Before the primary election, I would like to see the list of candidates for the Newton Commission, with their plans for the coming term. My hope is that at least one of them would suggest increasing the budget for the library on Floyd Street, so that the hours of operation could be extended, and the number of employees increased. I have seen how stressful it is for them to operate now, and it appalls me to see the patrons trying to use the computers and find the materials they need for their use. As part of the educational system, the library is far more important than parks, racetracks, or any other projects that have been thought of for spending the county's money."

"I live off Dixie Road near East Newton Elementary. There is a now unnecessary railroad crossing that needs to be black-topped over like all those in the town of Covington have been. Every time I drive over the rails, I wonder when I will have a tire blow out. The rails were bad enough when the railroad was operating, but now that it doesn't run anymore, they even look worse. I realize the stop signs must remain because of the school zone. There are also lots of pot holes on Dixie, that because they are repaired so poorly, open up again, every time it rains. Why is it that our section of the county is forgotten when it concerns road repairs or cutting of the roadside grass? We pay taxes just like everyone else. Why are we forgotten just because we live in the country?"

"Remember what keeps American great!

The 5 First Amendment Freedoms

Speech: The First Amendment says that people have the right to speak freely without government interference.

Press: The First Amendment gives the press the right to publish news, information and opinions without government interference. This also means people have the right to publish their own newspapers, newsletters, magazines, etc.

Religion: The First Amendment prohibits government from establishing a religion and protects each person's right to practice (or not practice) any faith without government interference.

Petition: The First Amendment says that people have the right to appeal to government in favor of or against policies that affect them or that they feel strongly about. This freedom includes the right to gather signatures in support of a cause and to lobby legislative bodies for or against legislation.

Assembly: The First Amendment says that people have the right to gather in public to march, protest, demonstrate, carry signs and otherwise express their views in a nonviolent way. It also means people can join and associate with groups and organizations without interference."

"Hopefully, the attorneys for the (becoming known as the school lawsuit) plaintiffs, the suers, not the suees, ha-ha, have studied all the new international protections (laws) regarding the protection of free speech. Not to mention, of course, a freightliner load of U.S. case law protection as well as the United States Constitution. Here is a briefing on the subject: Freedom of speech is the concept of being able to speak freely without censorship. It is often regarded as an integral concept in modern liberal democracies. The right to freedom of speech is guaranteed under international law through numerous human rights instruments, notably under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, although implementation remains lacking in many countries. The synonymous term freedom of expression is sometimes preferred, since the right is not confined to verbal speech but is understood to protect any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used. Can you see it now, headline, 'School lawsuit in its 27th year as it winds through the international courts.' Most of us Jeffersonians continue to believe this is all just a bad dream."

"If no one at the school board is going speak out against the lawsuit from the Alcovy principal, then they should at least keep the pressure on this principal to improve conditions at Alcovy High. Right now this principal is being paid to have the school ready for next year and develop strategies that will improve the performance of her teachers and students. Someone needs to ask her the following questions on a weekly basis: 1. What are you going to do this next school year that will energize and excite your teachers? 2. What is your plan to ensure each teacher is fully supported and supervised? 3. What is your plan for a communication policy to keep parents and community members from being dissatisfied with Alcovy High. How do you know each teacher has a good plan to energize and excite the students about learning? 4. How will you show this county that the students are your highest priority? 5. What system of measurement will you use to determine how successful you are? BTW these same questions should be asked to the school board and the superintendent. Honestly, we at least need an interim principal while Carpenter pursues this court action."

"I cannot imagine why the school board is allowing this principal to continue working there. This whole case is a travesty and every article that comes out makes this system look worse. This really does look like Atlanta PS or some other ruined school system the way this is playing out. I am glad this has not made much TV news but it definitely will if someone doesn't step up and stop it. This whole school board is going to look like DeKalb, Atlanta, Clayton and Lithonia where it's just an embarrassing bunch of idiots who do not know how to work together for the betterment of the community. But it is funny when I think of the fraidy cat white people that left us in Conyers to run to Covington. Happy now?"

"It is shocking to me that NCSS has stayed so quiet on the frivolous libel lawsuit from Mrs. Carpenter. I cannot believe they haven't addressed it officially. This principal is making them look terrible and they are hurting themselves by letting her run wild with this case. I lose respect for them every day they let go by without making this stop. The school board and superintendent should do something. It is unbelievable to me that she is doing this ... lawsuit and it is allowed."

"OK, I'm writing about the T-SPLOST. I understand that people don't want to reward the bad government we currently have. So let's vote them out and not throw away the one good thing they could do for us. This is about more than the widening of roads, it's about what will come with it. If you widen Brown Bridge Road, Crowell Road, and Salem Road all to four lanes, businesses come with that now that the roads can handle the traffic. We need to build up our commercial industry whether it's restaurants, shopping or anything else that comes with that. We desperately need the tax dollars that come with that. That is part of the reason we are in this position we are in now. We wanted to focus on keeping that small town image so the BOC fought with everyone that wanted to put up businesses. Now is our chance to bring in some of the tax dollars we need. So just think about who you are going to be hurting when you try and put your foot down on the BOC."

"I was calling about Bobby Sigman. I just feel like he has been ridiculed enough. Yeah, he done wrong, but he did a lot of right, too. I wish the media as well as others would just leave him alone and let him live the rest of his life in harmony. I think he deserves it."

"I'm calling in this week about the Airport Road project printed in the Newton Citizen some few months ago that said since they built the new elementary school on Airport Road they had to do a major road improvement and it was state mandatory for Newton County to take care of it. School has been out nearly two weeks now and I haven't seen one stake driven, no surveyors, no work being started in that area and they only have three months to take care of it and get that road back open. I live on Airport Road and I wasn't looking forward to the road being closed for this project but I was looking forward to some improvement as since the school has opened I have on more than one occasion nearly been in a head-on collision, especially in early morning hours with parents hurrying to get their kids to school running excess speeds of probably more than 60 mph. I sent an email to the Department of Transportation and they haven't given me any information on that project either. Newton County only put $300,000 in the budget for road improvement. I don't see where the money is going to come from to do this project to begin with. I wonder if Newton County is just going to sweep this up under the rug like so many other projects the state has told them to do. That's all I have to say about this at this time. I'd like for someone to look into this. Maybe the Newton Citizen can do a background check on this project and see what's going to be done about it."

"I do a lot of outside sales and I travel to counties around Newton County and I wonder why the gas in Covington is so much higher than in Gwinnett and Henry counties. I don't know if there is some kind of collusion or something going on, but I think we're getting ripped off here in Covington."


John 3 years, 5 months ago

I agree on the gas rip off in Newton County - just yesterday I bought gas at a QT in Loganville at $3.15. On the same day the QT in Covington, it was $3.21. Did you ever notice the Kroger gas price is always 1 cent higher than the QT?


huckfinsbuddy 3 years, 5 months ago

But if you use your Kroger card you get an automatic 3 cent discount you won't get at QT -- now your 2 cents cheaper


John 3 years, 5 months ago

I am well aware of what the Kroger plus card does. The point I was trying to make is what does Kroger base their fuel price on - their cost or just play follow the leader. By the way, I bought fuel at the Kroger station close to the QT in Loganville at $3.15/gal less my 10 cents/gal Kroger plus rewards. The real point is why does gas in NC seem to be higher than next door counties and to take it a step further in surrounding states like Alabama , where I have found it to be 8-9 cents /gal less when I travel through there.


HonestAbe 3 years, 5 months ago

I agree with the comments about Bobby Sigman. We have to forgive after they fess up and take their punishment. He has said he will never run for office again. So treat him as a person who did do a lot right,not a politician.


Peggy 3 years, 5 months ago

As far as the gas prices go, McDonough is ALWAYS cheaper by 5-10 cents per gallon. I bought it yesterday in McDonough at the Kroger for $3.07 and Sam's was the same. The QT was $3.15 like the other poster observed in Loganville. But, it has been my experience that McDonough is always cheaper, so I shop there because most everything else is as well. The Walmart store is better organized and they keep their lights on, which the Covington Walmart does not do. It seems they rotate lights, turning some off, then rotating to the next group. It always seems too dark and dreary. Also, if you buy a dvd, they are usually a couple of dollars more expensive than the other Walmarts and if you ask why (which I did) they say they don't "MATCH" other Walmart stores. Go figure on that.


momofone 3 years, 5 months ago

Madison gas is always cheaper than Covington. Today it is $3.12 at the Raceway. Also, I live off Dixie road and agree about the rail road tracks. I have to go over them every morning to take my son to daycare and wonder about my tires being able to survive it much longer. I understand that the City of Covington paid to have the signs removed and the tracks paved over inside city limits. I do not believe that the stop signs must remain because of the school zone. The tracks are not in the school zone and since then are not used, there would be no reason to keep the signs. I would like to point out however, these tracks exist all over heading into the Newborn area. There are tracks on Starrsville Road, Dixie Road, Elks Club Road, Highway 213 and I am sure there are more. It would probably cost too much to pave over all of these tracks. BUT, I would be willing to chip in $5 to get a sign put up that says "Tracks not in use" so that the stop signs could be taken down.


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