Letter: Sales tax should go to rapid rail

With the request for additional revenue for the GDOT from the upcoming election to add another penny to the sales tax, many citizens throughout the state are realizing the GADOT is out of control.

Since the GDOT already has a budget of $1.6 billion dollars annually, do you really feel comfortable giving GDOT another potential $18 billion if the proposed new tax passes statewide?

I would strongly recommend no new funds for the GDOT unless it all goes to rapid rail. That is the only way to solve the problems. We should have awakened and done it that way 20 years ago.

If you say, "Well I have congestion in my area but the rail won't come by my house," what you are missing is that a lot of that traffic is commuters who would be riding the rail instead of driving their automobiles in your area and that frees up the existing roads to be able to get around easier and much quicker. The existing roads just may become more than sufficient and at that point no funds would be needed to widen or add more highways.

GADOT is paranoid about rail. It doesn't need rerouting, major repairs or even major expenditures day after day like highways do. How on earth would they justify their jobs if they weren't constantly rebuilding our roads they've rebuilt five times already?

It seems to be general knowledge that a rail to serve all of North Georgia almost to Macon and over to Griffin can be built for the total amount of just one year's present GDOT budget!

If the Georgia Legislature lets this highway program proceed without building the outer perimeter with rail, they will have committed the biggest financial blunder in the history of the state of Georgia. Poor stewards of our tax dollars should out them every one!

Oh, and will anyone notice if we don't do the rail? Yes, all of us who have to move about will notice, but more importantly, industries who favor our work force and our climate and other amenities will get right on out of Dodge when they come here to visit and see this shameful mess we call "our transportation system." That is a huge reason to do this right, finally, once and for all.-- Sam M. Hay III, Covington


John 3 years, 2 months ago

Just a few comments regarding the rapid rail comments in this letter 1. It is very doubt that such a rail system could be develop to serve "all" of north Georgia as stated. 2. Rapid rail is NOT without regular maintenance - certainly the trains, pick-up/drop-off stations require maintenance and repair. 3. Rapid rail will conveniently serve those in populated areas - like Fulton, DeKalb, Gwinnett, etc. counties - if they want it they can fund it. It would be very doubtful it would ever serve Newton County with our almost 100K population. Heck we don't even have Marta service right now. 4. Rapid rail has been under development in major metro areas for many decades in places like NY, Chicago, etc. They still have major traffic congestion problems especially during the rush hours. By comparison Atlanta's congestion is a cake walk. 5. There will always be a need for a GDOT budget to maintain, repair and expand roads & highways. A rapid rail system would just be an added cost to the businesses & residence of the state of Georgia.


Duster 3 years, 1 month ago

I agree and disagree. First, GDOT. Has plenty of money! I will not vote for nor will I support any splost in the next 20 years. We all have witnessed the Tax monster in action. The last local option sales tax was passed and backed by the Chamber. I listened to them rave about how if it was not passed, They would have to increase our Taxes. Even the board stated that. Then all of the sudden, it passed. And what did they do. They raised our taxes. Look at what our new splost is giving us. Paying off the prier splost. That’s criminal. Building of parks and auditoriums that are not needed for everyday life. We need responsibility in office. There is not a single person in office or that sits on a board that I Trust. We need to change them all. And why would I vote for rapid rail, when all it will bring is more problems to my area. This was once a great area to live and raise a family. Now its just a eastern area of Fulton, Dekalb, and Rockdale. Don’t hire a county mgr. Let the people that we elected get more involved with the people. I might not have agreed with everything Mr, Roy did, But at least he got out and talked to the people. You could confront him, and he might just blow you off. But at least he acted like he was listing. Vote NO on all future splost and taxes until they can learn how to use the money efficiently!!!


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