Letter: Douglas will preserve quality of life in District 1

Douglas will preserve quality of life as District 1 Commissioner

Qualifying for elected offices has ended and the political campaigns are in full swing across Newton County. The county commission will see at least two new members with the departure of Commissioners Mort Ewing in District 1 and Tim Fleming in District 5. With the arrival of Baxter International and its potential impact on my home in District 1 in particular, that commission race takes on great significance indeed.

Fortunately, I believe there is a steady, experienced leader in the race to replace Mort Ewing. My friend John Douglas brings more than 12 years of experience in local and state government. As our conservative voice for those years, he has a record of reasonable spending, never voting for a tax increase, strong public safety support and less intrusion in our lives. With Baxter coming into our county, and hopefully other companies as well, I believe that his experience and expertise will be critical as we seek to balance this transformation.

Like the rest of us, John Douglas welcomes Baxter to our community. However, he also supports the comprehensive land use plan that provides for a rural and semi-rural lifestyle in District 1. He believes we can live side by side with Baxter without disrupting the great quality of life we currently have in our part of Newton County. To that end, I know he understands that it will take a keen eye and willpower to maintain that balance. I understand he has pledged that there will be no wholesale rezoning, bulldozing or disruption in District 1 outside of the planned growth areas around Stanton Springs and the Hub Junction.

This is a time for trusted leadership in District 1. Having to learn on the fly with no background or experience could cost this area dearly. I recommend a vote for my friend, former Sen. John Douglas. He has always held true to his word, performing tasks and holding positions as promised. He has always delivered on his pledges and will continue to do so as our District 1 commissioner in Newton County.-- Norris Key, Covington


dennistay53 3 years, 5 months ago

My concern with Mr Douglas would be this. If he is elected for local government again will he be in it for the long haul.He was on the school board then jumped ship for state rep, then jumped ship for State senate, then jumped ship to run for Public service commission, now running for commissioner. Where is his heart really at? State or local government. I also question how Conservative he really is based on his State voting record. I also believe John Strauss has something to bring to the table. It would be good to have a Lawyer seated on the board. Maybe we could cut some of the tremendous cost going to the county attorney. I would ask him the same question- The commissioner pay is not much- Are you in it for the whole 4 years if elected?


Del 3 years, 5 months ago

Mr. Douglas would be just a mouth piece for Mort calling the shots from the farm..Mr. Douglas has had his 5 minutes of fame and his time has come and gone.....oh, and he is far far from a conservative voice needed on the commission


Frustrated 3 years, 5 months ago

I find it hard to believe Douglas would be a real supporter of the county when he threatened to have state funds cut from City of Conyers because he got stopped by Conyers PD. Douglas will be another Mort and only have his personal interest at heart.


dustinketchem 3 years, 4 months ago

He is talking out of both sides of his mouth if he says he will follow the 2050 plan, but keep the 2 acre minimum in District 1. I grew up in District 1, in newton Ridge. The people on that side of the county do want to preserve the quality of life. They arent stupid though. They understand that the county is growing and in order to maintain the quality of life they have, while also enhancing it.. that growth must be managed responsibly. To say that you can keep a 2 acre minimum and not alter the 2050 plan is dishonest. There are areas, not in the proximity of existing residential zones that have been set asside in the 2050 plan for dense residential. In order to follow the 2050 plan the 2 acre minimum will have to be axed.. and someone responsible enough to atleast tell te truth will have to be elected to make sure developments outside of those zones arent allowed. Mr. Douglas comes from the most corrupt State Legislature in the country. Thats a fact.


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