Campaign signs in rights of way illegal

COVINGTON -- Political candidates who place signs in public rights of way are breaking local and state laws.

The Georgia Department of Transportation issued a warning to candidates this week not to post signs on rights of way, defined as a strip of land over which facilities such as highways, railroads or power lines are built and maintained.

"Georgia law stipulates that Georgia DOT is required to maintain a safe roadway for the traveling public, which includes the immediate removal of any obstruction or hazard that may pose a threat to the traveling public," according to the press release. "Any sign along Georgia's state routes and interstates must meet safety standards and be permitted by Georgia DOT to be in our right of way. Typically we find signs that advertise yard sales, real estate for sale and/or political candidates on department land adjacent to our roads. None of those types of signs are allowed and will be removed by our personnel."

Violators will be guilty of a misdemeanor, the press release states.

Putting signs on local rights of ways is also against the law. In Newton County, the length of time a political campaign sign is displayed and the number of signs displayed on private property is not regulated, according to Scott Sirotkin, direct of the Department of Development Services. But signs are not allowed on public rights of way. Signs also are not allowed to exceed 5 feet in height and 16 square feet per side and can only have two sides. Additional regulations govern the type of mounting device the sign must be displayed on, and signs can't be within 100 feet of an intersection or closer than 10 feet to the pavement of a roadway.

Sirotkin said that political candidates were notified this year of the rules and regulations regarding campaign signs, and there have been fewer issues this campaign season than in years past.

Campaign signs placed in rights of way in the city of Covington are removed by code enforcement officers, according to Planning Director Randy Vinson.

"Our main objective is compliance, however, if there becomes a habitual, blatant offender the (code enforcement officer) could issue a citation to the offender and and seek some sort of penalty from the municipal judge," per the city code, Vinson said.

If candidates put signs in the city of Conyers rights of way, they'll be picked up and tossed out, said Marvin Flanagan, director of planning and inspection services.

"With the time it takes to file court actions and issue citations, it's easier to just dispose of them. When they put them on the right of way, that's the risk they take," he said.

Flanagan said between 40 and 60 signs -- not just campaign signs, but advertisements, garage sale and real estate signs -- are collected and tossed each week in Conyers.

A representative with Rockdale County could not be reached for comment.


mgh1966 3 years ago

we need more enforcement. Old salem and salem rd. Brown Bridge and salem rd. The signs are back.


Billy 3 years ago

Why are election signs posted outside of someone's yard, anyway? Real estate people are required to pull up on Sunday anything they have posted on Friday. At least they're trying to make an honest living. Election signs should not be posted anywhere except private property, and that with the owner's permission...


Frustrated 3 years ago

Wy dont code enforcement officers do something about all the signs around advertising "we buy junk cars"? They tack them up on utility poles and any where else they can find. Really makes the area look trashy.


mgh1966 3 years ago

if you email the chair and tell her were the problem is she will take care og it. She has always helped me.


henrystamm 3 years ago

The most egregious one is the fellow that is an officer at the Covington Police Department, and as it common there, the law is immaterial, the violate it everyday and than figure out what to charge the public after they screwed up to protect themselves. That fellow’s sign have the most violations. No surprise there. People do not vote for this guy. We will vote for only one Democrat this year, and that is Sheriff Brown. He knows what he can do and not due. He was an FBI agent and knows not to arrest innocent people and have his Deputies ready at a fast response. Don't get me wrong there are some Republicans running that are also con man.


sweetpotato 3 years ago

henrystamm; #1 Ezell Brown is not , has not been and will never be an FBI agent #2 you have at least seven mistakes in your post,( spelling and grammar errors). I would venture to say that posts like yours actually help Bradford or Watterson and do not help Brown. Good Day!


inthemiddle 2 years, 11 months ago

Ezell Brown and FBI agent? Wow. Where do you get your facts from? People who can't conjugate the verb "to be" and use it properly in a sentence don't fare very well in phase 2 of the FBI hiring process.


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