Lady Tigers volleyball a combination of youth and experience

COVINGTON -- Alcovy head volleyball coach Amanda Briggs has a good problem -- four returning seniors, two returning juniors and 17 freshmen coming out.

"We have a lot of interest this year. There's been at least 23 girls at open gym. I like having the freshman numbers," Briggs said. "I have most of my returning varsity because I only graduated two seniors. I really like the young class coming up. They're athletic.They don't know the sport, but they're athletic."

Giving the Lady Tigers the experience are seniors Paige Hood, Briana Clark, Kristen Gauthier and Kaitlyn Aikens with two returning juniors.

Of course, the other half of that equation is that not all of them can make the varsity squad.

"The big part is with the sophomores and the juniors, deciding who to keep," Briggs said. "With 17 freshmen coming out, if they all try out, you hate to cut a freshman. You like to see how they develop over a year."

Briggs and assistant coach Michelle Finley are trying to get all the girls in shape by spending 45 minutes conditioning. After conditioning, they go over the basics again before moving on to faster drills, including footwork.

"We've had about three weeks and we've been able to run some drills with the new girls; they hang in there pretty well.

"They're all smart girls, they understand it," Briggs said of her freshmen. "The athleticism is not there as much as I'd like to see. They can process it, they understand it, it's just a matter of getting things done. But I am starting to see more above the net just because they follow the instructions."