20-year-old charged with molestation of 12-year-old Covington girl

COVINGTON -- The Covington Police Department has arrested a 20-year-old Walton County man and charged him with the molestation of a 12-year-old Covington girl, according to CPD Public Information Officer Capt. Ken Malcom.

Anthony Tyler Griffin of 4211 Ga. Highway 138, Loganville, was arrested Tuesday and taken to the Newton County Detention Center in connection with an incident that occurred in the early morning hours that same day. He faces charges of child molestation.

Malcom said around 3 a.m. Tuesday morning a call came in to 911 Dispatch reporting the possible runaway of a 12-year-old girl who lives in Settlers Grove.

According to CPD incident reports, officers went to the girl's home and her father told them he had gotten up to check on his children and observed that the daughter "was not downstairs sleeping with the the rest of the children. (He) went to his daughter's room and found two pillows stuffed under the sheets as if someone was laying in the bed," the report states.

The father then began searching the house and found a downstairs window open and called to his wife to call 911.

The father next went outside to begin searching for his daughter and when police arrived, they joined the search. A few minutes later, the father called out that his daughter had returned home.

"The daughter was sweating and breathing hard as if she had just been running," the report states.

Officers questioned her and she admitted she had been "down the street in a silver truck belonging to Tyler Griffin." She said she had met him on a recent family camping trip and she had been talking to him via phone. When questioned if there was a sexual relationship, the girl said there was not and they had just been talking.

"Our subsequent investigation discovered there was a relationship and that she had basically sneaked out of the house to see him," Malcom said. "We determined there was contact in a sexual manner which resulted in him being charged with child molestation."

In other crime news, property taken in a DeKalb County robbery was returned to the rightful owner thanks to a good citizen.

The CPD received a found property call around noon on Tuesday. A man turned over a zippered bag he had found in a dumpster on Turner Lake Road which contained more than 50 bond certificates. The total value of the bonds amounted to $4,766.62 and were made out to a DeKalb County man.

The man told CPD detectives the bonds were stolen on Buford Highway on Monday. A check with DeKalb County authorities proved this to be true and the property was returned to victim.

Also, an older brother allegedly tripped his younger brother on purpose during a fight sending one brother to the hospital and the other to jail.

According to the CPD incident report, Devonte Rashaun Hightower, 18, of 6161 Nixon Circle was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct in connection with the incident.

The mother of the two brothers told CPD officers the two were fighting and she had tried to get them to stop. She said she witnessed the older brother trip the younger brother and when he hit the floor, he began crying and holding his knee.

When officers arrived EMS was on the scene and the 13-year-old was still on the living room floor crying and holding his knee. EMS technicians said they thought he had a dislocated knee and transported the youngster to the emergency room.

When questioning the older brother about what had happened, CPD officers reported "Hightower seemed to have no remorse for his actions. When I spoke to him about his brother, Hightower would not look at me ... and when I spoke about his brother, Hightower would roll his eyes and make comments that his brother should not have tried to hit him," the report states.

The report also states that Hightower called his brother derogatory names and admitted that he did trip him but that his brother caused him to do it when he tried to hit him.