Newton Citizen Poll for June 17

"Last Friday, June 8, I attended the concert on the Square with some out-of-town relatives. I was so proud of the turnout for what was a fun concert. The place was packed and the only place we could sit was next to one of the inside sidewalks. It should have been a good view but there was someone doing face painting in the center of the park. The kids were in a long line right in front of patrons trying to see the concert. They were in the way and blocked the view for quite a number of folks. I would like to suggest the face-painting be set up outside the perimeter, and I'm not sure who to contact regarding this. Otherwise we had a great time!"

"'Only $300,000 was allocated for road repairs county-wide in the current budget ... ' How is this possible when, aside from public safety and possibly land use, the primary responsibility of a county government is roads? This sounds like dereliction of the duty of the county commissioners to allocate so much money to other things that they have so little left over for fixing roads. Why in the world is road maintenance -- one of the few things that government can do that private citizens cannot -- such a low priority?"

"I go on vacation for a week and come home to read all this junk about this new addition to the lawsuit? A Newton County high school principal suing a Newton County school board member? A lawyer who wants to be a judge, whose job would be to protect what is in the Constitution, talking all this nonsense about how the Constitution doesn't come into play with this case? I am ashamed to live in Newton County. We deserve better. This is not just a suit against Mr. Meadors, but is a suit against everyone who voted to put him into office. Any school system that would condone this type behavior out of the Carpenters is not much of a school system, I believe they are ... people who put themselves over the concerns of anyone else. The judge needs to get this case on the move before they and Lindsey decide to sue everyone in Newton County. I don't know what kind of job the Carpenters do in the school system, but for sure they are poor representatives of the Newton County School System and Newton County property taxpayers simply by their actions here. It is time they move on in hopes of finding somewhere they maybe wanted."

"The following link will take you to the Georgia Secretary of State website to check if you are currently registered to vote. If not, you have until October to register for the presidential election to be held Nov. 6. The website will also let you register online, print an absentee ballot, gives general election information such as acceptable forms of identification, etc. The portion to check voter registration status is difficult to read, but other than that it is easy to navigate. Hope this helps someone. http://mvp.sos.state.ga.us/"

"About three weeks ago I commented about not getting my Sunday paper and calling, I guess you call him a service rep. I don't know why you pay him because he doesn't do anything. Here it is another Sunday and I didn't get a paper. You won't print this because you didn't print the last one in the opinion poll. You can pin it to the one I sent before and tell him this is the thing you don't do if you're running a business. Don't return calls and don't deliver papers. This is probably why you don't sell any more papers than you do."

"I was calling about how people drive around the Oak Hill community. It seems like we're just surrounded by maniacs, thugs and hot rod drivers. There is law enforcement that live over here and why nothing is done about it is beyond me. It's going to keep on until someone is going to get run over and killed and maybe more than one by hotrodders. Then it's going to be, 'Well we had an accident.' No, there's a reason for that."

"The Old Man would like to discuss TV advertising with you. If you remember I told you how long the commercials were. I think they have gotten longer. Haven't clocked them yet but I can almost fall asleep when they are on. Back in my days they had the snake oil salesmen. They came around in their little wagon, put on some type of show and then sold you a bottle of Dr. Johnston's Elixir. It sold for 50 cents or a dollar and it was good to cure whatever ails you. It didn't really cure anything but with it being 90 percent alcohol, it sure made you feel great for a while. Also, the lawyers used to chase ambulances. The guy that got there first got the job. The reason I bring these things up is we don't have them anymore. Or at least we have them presented to use in a different format. I guess lawyers find it cheaper to put ads on the TV because there sure are a lot of them. I usually turn the sound off on commercials. It is a little game I play to see if I know what they are selling. So far, unless they tell me right up front, I really do not know what they are selling. I see people jumping up and down, which I can see no relation to the product. I guess the 14 to 35-plus probably know what they are trying to say. Give me commercials with dogs or cats. They are easier to understand. Many of the ads are for drugs. They have drugs for anything you have. Just like the snake oil salesmen. If you want to lose weight take my pill. If you are depressed take my pill. If you need energy take my pill. And on and on it goes. Of course they don't explain what might happen to your body otherwise. We just run to the store and buy because the media tells us to. Or we run to the doctor and tell him we must have it. If he says no, we run to another doctor. So nothing much has really changed. We did get a little more sophisticated but we really didn't get much smarter. We still believe the snake oil salesman. And last but not least, did you ever try to calculate how many hours a day you have commercials. Remember, the infomercial that dominate many channels have to be counted. Of course all those 300-plus channels you get you pay for, but unless you are an advocate of commercials you still will be paying. See you next time. By the way, what is a Kardashian?"

"I am not originally from here but Porterdale is a strange little place. Maybe y'all are used to it but the people there are weird and it seems like any business you need to do with the City Hall down there is old timey and crooked. It seems like stepping back into the 'Smokey and the Bandit' times ... in a bad way. It is really a twilight zone experience."

"I understand the concern when taking in a female cat, but just because they are the ones who could possibly get pregnant doesn't mean that you should neglect spaying the males. By neglecting to spay a male, he may go out and impregnate a wild female, and only adds to the overpopulation and leaving the kittens having to try to survive in rough conditions. Spaying and neutering your animals (cats, dogs, etc) has health benefits for both genders including a prolonged life expectancy. Animal shelters, vet clinics, and other pet-oriented groups may offer discounts during certain parts of the year, or may be able to find a place who can help you. If you go to the effort of taking in an animal and loving and care for it, then you should do so properly and care for them in every best possible way."

"In recent history, I have seen movements banning things that are unhealthy in our country. Georgia has banned smoking in public places. San Francisco is trying to ban Happy Meals because they are unhealthy. Now New York is trying to ban big sugar drinks in order to fight obesity through portion control. I can sort of see the logic behind these things but how does alcohol get a pass? Are you telling me that Happy Meals and big sodas are ruining more lives than alcohol? How many idiots drink a big soda and then go home and beat their kids? How many people crash their car and kill innocent families because they were under the influence of a Happy Meal they just ate? How did the children's rights groups in San Francisco decide that the biggest thing hurting the children there is Happy Meals? Are you kidding? Not the drugs, alcohol or almost total lack of morality among it's citizens ... it has to be the Happy Meals! Who decided to put sodas and Happy Meals on their to-do list instead of liquor? If anything in this country needs more regulation, it's alcohol. We need to stop pretending that lives are not ruined daily by the abuse of this substance."


sweetpotato 3 years, 5 months ago

I will vote for the Sheriff candidate that will make the deputies quit using their blinking headlights at night when on an emergency call they blind you and are a hazard, the headlights flashing bright actually blank out the blue lights when we meet you in traffic and sometimes when you are at a wreck or on the side of the road they have them blinking its dangerous. The Covington Police and the ambulance also do it come on guys, just run the red or blue lights at night and just the blinking headlights in addition to the emergency lights in the day time. When your off duty and meet a police car, ambulance or fire truck at night look at it youll see what I mean.........well you want see it for long because its blinding and dangerous and your retinas will start smoking, we dont need all that extra flashing at night just the red and blues PLEASE


Frustrated 3 years, 5 months ago

Im glad someone had a great time at the concert last Friday. We were unfortunate enough to sit near a group that continuously talked and laughed louder than the music being played. People should extend a little courtesy to those that came to acutally listen to the music.


KimberlyD 3 years, 5 months ago

Awww, I love the "old man" comment on here!!! I wanna come over to your house with a DVR and show you how to fast fwd the commercials!! You can live without the Kardashians they are a bunch of freaky ol' haggettes!!!


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