Letter: Writer's thoughts right on target

I do not know John Bowers, I regret to say. I am, however, a fan of his. I became one Sunday. He authored an opinion column which you published on Sunday, June 3. It was a masterpiece. He correctly concludes that many, if not most, of us have feelings similar to his own with regard to the ills besetting our nation. He lists four principal institutions, which have been pillars upon which our nation has relied since its beginning and which have miserably failed us as a nation in recent years with increasingly dire consequences.

He cites the dismal failure of our governmental leaders, with emphasis on the federal government, to lead in any meaningful way, but focusing on self-enrichment and perpetuation rather than the good of the nation.

He points to the failure of our public information media to perform in their traditional and most vital role of watchdog, exposing governmental excess, abuse and wrongdoing by reporting in an impartial and accurate manner.

He deplores the failure of our education system, and the manner in which it has become bogged down in "politically correct, statist drivel," rewarding failure and mediocrity rather than accomplishment.

And finally, he cites the cultural collapse of our nation with regard to its values. He feels, as I do, that our country has somehow morphed into an alien society, unrecognizable as the place of our birth. He seems to think, correctly, that the very fabric of our national identity is rapidly unraveling, and he stressed that it is up to him and me and you to make sure that the direction of our nation is corrected by our vigilance and determination, taking action when necessary, to hold our leaders completely accountable.

Mr. Bowers has the sort of mindset we need, but do not have, in Washington, pointing the way to a restoration of our country as the world leader; the standard-bearer of responsibility and decency. Not swathed in mushy half-speak, his language is straightforward and transparent. Mr. Bowers certainly earns an A-plus. I applaud him for his compelling column, and to him I say, "Absolutely! Bravo!" I applaud the Citizen for publishing it in the Sunday edition. I wish it were syndicated nationwide.

-- Charles Walker



dennistay53 3 years, 2 months ago

What a great written letter. This as well sums up Newton County. A county of 100,000 and only 2 showed up to speak at the hearing on the budget. How can we reclaim our country (county) if we do not participate in the process. By not taking a part, our silence gives a false message to our elected officials. Even if you agree with what they are doing, by being in attendance you give the direction and understanding that you believe in the importance of their jobs. A county this size should have full attendance in board meetings, and not just at election. I have been just as guilty in the past as i am stating here. I have decided to get more involved after reading Mr Bowers letter and am even more enforced to do so after reading this letter.Past history at Commissioner meetings has probably kept many away, but in attending my first in a long time i saw professionalism in this meeting. As a long standing conservative two commissioners, a Democrat and a republican and the county mgr made a point to come by and thank me for a postive comment about their work of working together and passing a budget with no millage increase. One even stated that this was the first time in ten years someone had commended the board on a budget. Little guys do count.


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