DDS launches Secure ID program

COVINGTON -- Beginning July 1, Newton and Rockdale residents needing to renew or obtain a Georgia driver's license and/or identification card will have to take some extra steps in order to get approved.

The new rules are effective statewide and are related to what's called the Secure ID program. The program is aimed at ensuring the integrity of the credentials that the Department of Driver Services issues, and brings Georgia into compliance with upcoming federal requirements for air travel security screening and entry into federal buildings, according to a press release by the DDS. It also reduces the possibility of identity theft.

To obtain a Secure ID, Georgians will need to visit a customer service center and bring the following:

-- One document that proves identity and current full legal name, such as an original or certified copy of a U.S. birth certificate or a valid, unexpired U.S. passport. Those who have legally changed names need to present the certified document supporting the most recent name change.

-- Two documents showing proof of current residential address, such as mortgage payment coupon, deed, or property tax bill for the current or previous year; health insurance statement or explanation of benefits for claim; Medicare or Medicaid statement; paycheck, pay stub, letter from employer, W2 for current or previous year; school record for the current or previous school year; Georgia or federal income tax return for current or pervious year; or utility bill for services installed at their residential address, current valid rental contract or bank statements issued within the last 60 days. For minors or dependents, a valid Georgia driver's license or identification card issued to a parent or guardian is required.

-- One document proving full Social Security number, such as a Social Security card; W-2 form or paycheck with full Social Security number; a denial letter from the Social Security Administration; or SSA-1099 or non-SSA-1099 form with the full number listed.

-- Non-citizens will also need to provide a document approved by the Department of Homeland Security to prove legal presence and have their photograph and signature collected in person at least once every 16 years.

All current driver's licenses are valid until the expiration date.

Driver's license fees will not be impacted by the change. Customers will be required to renew in person but afterwards can make requests online as long the photo on their card is not more than 16 years old.

For more information, visit www.dds.ga.gov/secureid.


missyslove 3 years, 3 months ago

So I guess this means that people like me that are now homeless due to the economy will no longer be able to even get a license...we lost literally everything and have been living in a motel for two years and it seems like ever since it happened we just keep getting treated worse and worse and things keep getting harder and harder for people in our situation..it's almost like now that we are in this situation this where they want us to stay cuz I don't see ANYONE doing ANYTHING to help people get back on their feet..if anything they are making it harder. How the hell do you produce all the things they want when they don't even exist for some people anymore?....it's almost like we are supposed to just drop dead or crawl in a hole somewhere and cease to exist. I think this is blatant discrimination against the poor and homeless ...why can't exceptions be made for people in these circumstances?...I've had a DL all my life and have a clean driving record and background..not so much as a traffic ticket and now I will be punished for being poor and homeless?.....good one Newton County..I was raised here ..had a respectable business here for years ..was a productive member of the community and this is how I...and others like me who have fallen on hard times get treated here?....perhaps it's time to leave my home town..the place I have raised my family and tear my kids away from here...it's not like they haven't already lost enough but between this and the cost to get power here and the cost of living and lack of resources for us here we may have no choice in the matter. But I'm beginning to believe that that's exactly what the people who run things want..to run all the poor people out of town so they don't have to fool with them anymore. Geez....why don't yall just take us all out and shoot us and be done with it cuz thanks to things like this it's becoming simply IMPOSSIBLE for some families to even live or survive.....and it's becoming very clear we are just not welcome anywhere anymore..at least not without the proper paperwork. Doesn't even sound like the land of the free anymore..we are no longer human beings...WE'RE NOTHING BUT A NUMBER.


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