Letter: We are obligated to be informed voters

Though many may not realize it, we have a big responsibility as citizens to vote for officials in national and local government. Not only just to vote but to be an informed voter.

The United States is a democracy in which the wishes of the people must guide the government in deciding how it will act. Every voter should know what the government is doing for him and his community. If a large number of our voters are ignorant or indifferent, our democracy will be a failure. If our voters are well-informed and vote with good, common sense, our government will serve the people well.

With the upcoming elections and decisions on the upcoming transportation tax, we need to be informed and make the right decision when it comes time to make our vote. I ask all citizens of this county to get yourself informed, We need to keep trying to elect able and wide-awake representatives. After the elections are over and the officials are in office, we the people should be interested in watching how the elected officials are doing their job. Ask yourself, have the officials in our current government met the needs of the people in our community both nationally and locally?

I for one will be informed, make my vote count and decide wisely on what candidate will do the things that need to be done to get this country and county back on track rather than what I have had to deal with in the last four years.

Ray Girardin