News for Saturday, July 7, 2012


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Bill O'Reilly: Breaking the connection

So the plan was this: Take seven urchins, ages 3 to 17, on an old-fashioned vacation without high-tech gizmos.

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Darrell Huckaby: Common sense, a rare commodity

Common sense, a rare commodity. May common sense rest in peace.. We have seen it coming for a long time now. We have become a society bound more and more and more by inflexible rules and regulations. I's are dotted and T's are crossed and we are constantly referred to

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Rob Jenkins: Elvis was right, and I'm not feeling so bad myself

I have established an account on that legendary social network known as Twitter, and I have begun to share with the world my innermost feelings, fondest dreams, darkest fears, and other random inanities, all in 140 characters or less.

Sims hosts candidate meet and greet

Newton Commissioner Lanier Sims is hosting a meet and greet between the public and candidates in the July 31 primary.

Rockdale's WSA to submit report outlining its role in management of water system

The Rockdale Water and Sewerage Authority voted this week to submit to the Board of Commissioners a report outlining what the Authority believes to be its proper role in the management of the county's water system.

Project ReNeWal's domestic violence shelter floods when sprinkler system discharges due to high temperatures

Project ReNeWal's domestic violence shelter was damaged by flooding when high temperatures in the attic caused the facility's sprinkler system to discharge.

New law expands jury pool

A change in state law has increased the number of potential jurors.

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New Depot Players reprise "Great American Trailer Park Musical"

In 2010, the New Depot Players' summer-season staging of the ribald musical "The Great American Trailer Park Musical" proved to be one of the troupe's most well-attended productions of recent years.. "When we did this show two summers ago, we sold every performance for three weeks and even