Runoff to be held in District 5 BOC race

COVINGTON -- There will be a runoff in the District 5 Board of Commissioners race between Republicans Ronnie Dimsdale and Levie Maddox.

Dimsdale and Maddox tied each other with 29.8 percent of the vote, according to uncertified results from the Board of Elections office. Each received 740 votes.

"You never know until the votes are in, but I sort of anticipated it would be a runoff between me and Levie," said Dimsdale, who formerly represented District 2 on the BOC. "Levie's a good guy."

Maddox called it an "incredible day." "I'm excited. That shows you that we had at least three gentlemen candidates in that race. I've got respect for Mr. Dimsdale and Mr. Rutberg. I am very humble and very appreciative."

A total of 2,483 ballots were cast in the Republican primary, and three of the four candidates were extremely close. Jared Rutberg received 28.76 percent, or 714 votes. Wesley Dowdy trailed behind with 11.64 percent, or 289 votes.

The runoff is Aug. 21.

In the Democratic primary, businessman Marcello Banes beat Phil Johnson with 62.5 percent of the vote. A total of 1,096 ballots were cast in that race, with Banes receiving 685 and Johnson receiving 411.

"First of all I want to thank the Lord, my savior Jesus Christ, for making all this possible," Banes said. "I also want to thank my family, who has been a tremendous help to me, my friends, my church members and all the citizens of District 5 for going out and casting their vote. I want to thank Mr. Phil Johnson who made the statement that said we were not going to do any negative campaigning. He was a man of his word, and a great man of integrity."

In the District 3 Democratic Primary, incumbent Nancy Schulz beat Tony Flanagan with 56.42 percent of the vote. A total of 1,691 ballots were cast, with Schulz garnering 954 votes to Flanagan's 737.

Schulz has served one term on the BOC and if reelected said she would focus on economic development and jobs. She will face Republican Kevin Wade in November.


Frustrated 3 years, 3 months ago

I have just one thing to say to District 5 voters...remember what Dimsdale for us in District 2. He sold out to Wal-Mart then moved to leave us high and dry. He doesnt care about the District only how he can make money off you. He WILL sell you out.


gsm7476 3 years, 3 months ago

Ronnie only looked after himself his family and his click. If you had a problem he would not return your phone call. Cell towers never were an issue until on went across from his house. And were was his home in the 2nd district about were the meat department is at wall mart. You in the 5th you have been warned.


Bemused 3 years, 3 months ago

I see that Mr. Experience (Dowdy) came in dead last. That snotty ad (and not knowing what you are talking about) did him in. Ha!


Del 3 years, 3 months ago

District 5 be warned from a 30 + year resident of District 2......If Mr. Dimsdale is elected to represent you, if the economy turns, you will be faced with the exact same problems that now exist in District 2. Yes Mr. Dimsdale may be a good Christian man however, under his watch, District 2 quickly became a close likeness to South Dekalb County....Prove me wrong!!


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