Covington Police report two crashes involving underage DUI

COVINGTON -- A teenage driver crashed his pickup into the cement wall of the county's parking deck on Elm Street Saturday around 7:30 p.m., according to a Covington Police Department incident report.

According to the report, officers were nearby handling a separate incident when they heard the sound of screeching tires and a crash. An officer ran to the second floor of the parking deck and saw a white Chevy S-10 crashed into the wall and Michael Joel Johnson, 17, of 380 Townley Road, Oxford, standing near the truck. Johnson identified himself as the driver and was complaining of back and neck pain. EMS was called to the scene.

"When asked what had occurred, Mr. Johnson said that he and his friends were 'playing around' in the parking deck," the report states. "Skid marks were found where it appeared as if Mr. Johnson was attempting to 'drift' his vehicle around the curve from the third floor to the second floor of the parking deck.

"According to Mr. Johnson, when he came around the curve from the third floor to the second floor, his driver's side door came open. When he reached out to grab the door, his foot pressed the gas instead of the brake. This caused Mr. Johnson's vehicle to crash into the cement wall of the parking deck, which threw Mr. Johnson out of the open door of the vehicle."

The report also states that Johnson "smelled of alcoholic beverages" and he admitted he had been drinking earlier with friends.

Johnson was transported to Clearview Medical Center in Monroe and was cited for DUI-under age 21, DUI-less safe, and too fast for conditions.

In other traffic news, a resident of Spillers Drive called the CPD around 4 a.m. to report that a car had crashed in front of his house about 45 minutes previously and was left in the roadway.

The resident said he asked the female driver what had happened, to which she replied, "I flipped my car." A short time later, the female's father came and picked up the young girl and her male passenger and left the car abandoned in the roadway.

By going through documents left in the vehicle, officers were able to contact the girl's father who was told he needed to bring her and her passenger back to the scene of the accident. About 20 minutes later, the incident report states Briana Young, 17, of 3535 Tiffany Drive, Conyers, and her stepmother arrived at the scene. When asked where the passenger was, the stepmother left to go pick him up.

When officers began questioning Young, they were able to detect the odor of alcohol coming from her person.

"At that time, I informed Ms. Young that she could consider herself under arrest and followed up by reading Ms. Young her Miranda Rights," the report states.

Young agreed to continue speaking with officers and told them she had been at a party in the area, but was not sure of the address. She admitted to consuming "eight beers" approximately two hours before getting into her vehicle to leave.

While driving down Spillers Drive she said she saw a deer coming out of the woods. "She stated that it scared her, so she jerked the wheel, which caused her to sideswipe a tree causing the car to flip once and come to rest face up in the middle of Spillers Drive," the report states.

When her male passenger returned, he said he had tried to dissuade Young from driving, but he did not drive because he did not have a license. He made no mention of seeing a deer.

"(He) stated that everything was fine and the next thing he knew they were involved in an accident," the report states.

Young was charged with DUI-under age of 21, failing to notify of accident involving injury/damage and failure to maintain lane. She was taken to the Newton County Detention Center, which declined to accept her because she had not been cleared by EMS.

The CPD officer took her back to headquarters where she was told to contact someone to pick her up. By 7 a.m., she had not been able to locate anyone, so an officer drove her to the residence of a family friend.


KimberlyD 3 years ago

Wow, you mean they didn't get to go home like another young lady did...guess their families didn't have enough money to buy their way out of it....


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