Georgia Wildlife Federation's McCollum retires

Georgia Wildlife Federation Chief Executive Officer Jerry McCollum announced his retirement effective Dec. 31. In a press release, Federation Board Chair Matt Nichols expressed his gratitude for McCollum's 25 years of exemplary service to the Federation.

"Jerry's leadership is responsible for bringing the Georgia Wildlife Federation to the pinnacle of effective wildlife conservation in Georgia and across the nation," he said. "His are big shoes to fill but we will do our best and that process will begin right away."

During McCollum's tenure, the Federation pioneered many innovative conservation programs now in place in Georgia and around the country, including the Camo Coalition, Hunters For the Hungry, Turn in Poachers, Georgia's Camp Charlie, and the Schoolyard Wildlife Habitat. McCollum was a member of Governor Zell Miller's Preservation 2000 Council and served as chairman of the RiverCare 2000 Council.

In his position as Federation CEO, he served as liaison between legislators and Georgia sportsmen during the two largest conservation land acquisition programs in Georgia history, protecting more than 160,000 acres of natural areas and habitat.

Prior to taking the helm at GWF, McCollum spent 15 years with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, holding positions as a field biologist on the staff of the Resources Planning Program, a senior wildlife biologist for Ossabaw Island, and assistant to the director of the Game and Fish Division where he supervised the Natural Heritage Inventory and was the division's liaison to Georgia's organized sportsmen.

The Federation's Board of Directors will be accepting applications for a new chief executive officer until Aug. 31. The CEO position oversees all aspects of the Georgia Wildlife Federation's operations including issue development and advocacy, administration, fundraising, staff supervision, event planning, membership, communications and program activities.

The CEO will supervise all Federation employees, appoint staff, plan and generally direct conservation and education programs conducted by the Federation and formulate position recommendations on a variety of wildlife and natural resources related issues.

The successful candidate should have a four-year degree in wildlife or natural resources science or a related field. Advanced degree in science is a plus. Candidates with four-year or advanced degrees in other fields will be considered with appropriate nonprofit management experience.

All candidates should possess at least five years of professional level experience in nonprofit management; must be able to demonstrate proficiency in federal and state nonprofit law, rules, accounting, reporting and regulations; must demonstrate experience working with nonprofit boards and elected officials at all levels of government and must show experience working in complex nonprofit partnerships, with private foundations and with corporate executive level personnel.

Interested candidates should submit a letter of application and a resume to accounts@gwf.org.