Letter: Dems planned to keep Probate Court judgeship partisan

I would like to expose what I would call a conspiracy. Almost all our judges are nonpartisan except for the Probate Court judge! There was a movement to make this a nonpartisan position this election. My theory is there was and is a conspiracy between the Democratic Party, Sen. Ron Ramsey and Ms. Caycie Dix to keep this as a partisan issue until next year.

Everyone who votes realizes that when you look at the ballot section for most judges you see the same names on all ballots (Democrat, Republican, Independent). If these people aren't or weren't in the news lately, we may not realize what they stand for, and anyone running against them has run as a nonpartisan. In other words, nonpartisan favors the incumbent.

Where it became a problem is when Ms. Dix decided she wanted this job and used the opportunity that presented itself with the removal of the Democrats' representative on the Board of Elections. The Democrats decided to put Ms. Dix on the board as their representative. All the recent publicity surrounding that position gave Ms. Dix front page exposure in the local news; hence, instant name recognition.

It goes against logic that Ms. Dix decided to run for this judgeship at the last moment. I believe she intended to run for this position and would resign from the Board of Elections at the appropriate time, upsetting and causing more problems for the election office, using and abusing them. This is where I have a problem with it; it just ain't cricket.

I'll leave it to you to decide who you all want as a judge!

-- Bob Bala