Newton Citizen Poll for July 22, 2012

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"To the nut job complaining about what blacks call themselves, I just want to say 'Naw, suh, I's free now, an if I's be wantin tuh calls myse'f African American then thats wut I's be callin myse'f.'"

"There is a popular saying in these parts that goes, 'My mama didn't raise no fool.' I have to sometimes pause and wonder if some of us shouldn't rethink that statement. This past Saturday, a neighbor had a D.J. come over that afternoon and set up his equipment outdoors and commenced having a party that could be heard a good mile away as the crow flies. I think to myself how inconsiderate. Well, about 10 p.m. the party is still going on with no apparent end in sight. In fact, the roadway is beginning to fill up with cars from more party-goers. I'm thinking to myself I want to be a good neighbor, but I had planned to go to church in the morning, and from past conversations I know that some of my neighbors work, at least on some Sundays, as well. Then I thought to myself 'My mama didn't raise no fool,' but I guess my neighbors did and that's when I called the police. People a little common sense goes a long way. Please think of someone besides yourself and if you just got to party, rent a building and take it inside."

"The Old Man was going to talk about technology and how it is disrupting our lives, but there is something else I want to get off my chest. A few days back there was a very important day. It was called Independence Day and it signified our independence from the British. Men fought and died to give us this freedom, but over the years all it has meant to so many people is a day off of work, fireworks, barbeques and partying. Our young people really have no concept of what it took to free us from the bonds of the British. Today we have young men fighting in all parts of the world to free us from the tyranny of those who would like to see us fail. As I watch the flag go up and I hear our National Anthem, I take off my hat and I place my hand over my heart in a salute to our country and to our freedom. Unfortunately, the schools don't teach much about what has transpired since that great day in 1776 when we freed ourselves from the British rule. I guess if you take God out of the schools and you forget to tell the students the significance of the Fourth, then the Fourth just becomes fireworks, picnics, holiday and we have to be careful when we say thank God for our independence. How sad. So let us now continue to sing the National Anthem when it is played, salute the flag when it passes and try to prod our politicians to do what is good for this country and not what is the best for them. Read about Harry S. Truman and encourage our politicians to do the same. Maybe it will inspire them. And it would be wise for the schools to look at all the state preambles. Each one calls upon God to look after us in so many words. I have a hard time understanding the politician's attitude on God. Is it because they are fishing for votes? How sad."

"I really like it when a political candidate advances their platform based on good things they can say about themselves and their ideas of what they can or will try to do for the community, rather than trying to get elected by pointing out negatives about their opponent. I don't need to know what you think about your opponent. I need to know what you are going to do for the people you would be representing if you were elected and how you plan to go about doing it. Then we, the people, could weigh which candidates have the best plan and the best chance of reaching their goals. And then whoever gets elected, we need to pray for them to be good, ethical and successful in making positive changes for the people they represent. Instead of wasting your time trying to convince me that someone else is a bad/wrong choice, use that time to convince me that YOU are the good/right choice!"

"I noticed last week that someone commented about missing the Julie Wells column. I would also like to see her column again. Thanks."


KimberlyD 3 years, 4 months ago

Re: "To the nut job complaining about what blacks call themselves, I just want to say 'Naw, suh, I's free now, an if I's be wantin tuh calls myse'f African American then thats wut I's be callin myse'f.'"

Well start addressing whitey as Appalachian American or whatever country we are from then follow it up with American or even Caucasian American. Oh wait, ya'll won't be able to keep up with where we are from because so many white people are from different heritages. Oh yeah so are black people. Africa then all the islands in the Caribbean. People that are stuck on labels are what is wrong with the country and the world today... How about I call you a person or a man or a woman and we'll go from there when I care enough to know all your personal business like where you are from....Your comment sounds about as ignorant as the people that you are referring too.


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