Letter: Experience keeps costs low, service high

The recent article about the three candidates running for the Snapping Shoals EMC board of directors was not only full of innuendo and insinuation, but was also blatantly one-sided and inaccurate. Your readers deserve better.

While one candidate says that she has paid her bill to Snapping Shoals EMC for more than 18 years, she fails to mention that the rates she pays are among the lowest in Georgia. A recent survey by the Georgia Public Service Commission found that SSEMC residential rates are the second-lowest at the 1,000 KWh level, 1,500 kWh, and 2,000 kWh, and the third-lowest at the 500 kWh among Georgia's 42 EMCs and Georgia Power.

As SSEMC's low rates demonstrate, the current experienced board members are experts at making sound decisions about how to operate the co-op. Any candidate running on a platform of anti-coal, anti-oil, and anti-gas resources is actually running on a platform of exponentially increasing member costs.

Please consider all factors before voting on July 26. Vote for the experienced board who knows how to keep costs low while providing the best possible service.

-- Ronald Smith