If he pays his rent with quarters, he might be a suspect

"On the Beat" is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

The owner of a local car wash notified the Newton County Sheriff's Office that the facility had been burglarized. Taken was $100 in one dollar bills and $2,500 in quarters.

Bigger problems

A man called the NCSO to report that he was stopped and suspected of having drugs in his vehicle. The man complained that during the investigation, the drug dog scratched his vehicle.

Fruit thief

A woman called the NCSO to complain that someone had come into her backyard and stolen the peaches off her trees.Veggie thiefA man called the NCSO to say that three of his tomato plants were vandalized. He suspects the neighbors and was emphatic that he does not believe the damage was a result of high winds or foraging deer, despite the fact that the deputy pointed out deer tracks within 3 feet of the plants.

How'd that happen?

A woman called the Covington Police Department to report that an unknown person had added a cellphone to her AT&T account, running up her bill to more than $900. She customarily pays about $71 a month.

Check me out

A woman accused of shoplifting at Walmart on Industrial Boulevard recently shocked loss prevention officers and maybe a few customers when she disrobed to prove she didn't have any stolen merchandise on her. CPD officers came to the scene and were told she was observed stuffing a wallet down her pants and taking some shirts. Though her display failed to turn up the merchandise, a shirt with the tags still on it was later recovered from her purse and jail personnel found the wallet inside her pants after she was booked into the jail on indecent exposure and shoplifting charges.

Getting along fine

A CPD officer was summoned to a residence after a passerby called 911 and said he saw two people fighting in the yard. When the officer arrived, he saw a male lying on top of a female. They were later identified as boyfriend and girlfriend. The officer stated in his incident report, " ... they were not fighting." It was later determined the female was drunk and had earlier been fighting with another female.

Food fight

NCSO deputies were called to a domestic disturbance and when they arrived the husband had left the scene, but the wife freely admitted she and her husband had been throwing food on the kitchen floor. The husband later returned and the incident report said both parties said "no licks were passed."

-- A young couple recently dined at LongHorn's, running up a tab of $85.42, including alcoholic beverages. When they finished their meal, the waitress observed them get up and casually walk out the front door. She followed and called out to them, but they kept going to their car parked in the back of the parking lot and sped away, heading east. The tag number came back to an owner in DeKalb County.

-- A couple ate dinner at a local Chinese restaurant and according to witnesses were fine during their meal, but when it came time to pay the bill, they began complaining and asked the see the manager. The couple accused the waitress of hitting the woman's wrist and she complained of pain when the police arrived. The waitress maintained it was the woman who struck her when she pushed the woman's finger out of her face while the yelling was going on. EMS was called to the scene, but said there was no evidence of injury on either woman. The customer said she was going to the hospital anyway. Both women received citations for disorderly conduct.SensitiveA mother called the NCSO to report that her daughter had visited her father that day and had come home with sunburn. She said she would be taking her daughter to the doctor the next day.

Setting up housekeeping

A woman reported to the CPD that she had been burglarized. Taken was her full-sized bed, a four-drawer chest, a pedestal fan, a set of sheets and four towels. She said her daughter may be a suspect.The keys, pleaseA man called the CPD to say that his wife attacked him with a pair of scissors when he refused to give her the keys to the family car. He said he kept the keys on a rope around his neck and his wife first choked him with the rope and then cut him on the finger with the scissors. The wife acknowledged that the scenario was pretty accurate, but that the reason the husband got cut was he was resisting giving her the keys and she was trying to cut the rope from around his neck. Officers tried to pour oil on troubled waters and thought they had succeeded until they asked if they left were the two of them going to be able to get along. The woman told them if her husband spoke to her she would be throwing him out of his wheelchair. She was arrested.


A man was observed perusing the alcohol aisle at Kroger on U.S. Highway 278 and then shortly going to the bathroom and coming back into the store with a suspicious bottle of water with foam on the top. It later was discovered that the contents in his water bottle was from a 22-ounce can of Heineken beer that he had failed to pay for. When CPD officers arrived on the scene, they also discovered two cans of sardines and a can of potted meat in the man's pockets.

Careful of the prints

A woman called the CPD to say she heard a "thud" on the outside of her house and when she checked, she found a bottle of hot sauce had been thrown at her front door. She told officers she had no idea who would do such a thing, but had picked up the bottle with a plastic bag, carefully preserving any prints left on the bottle.

Slipped my mind

Two women were arrested for shoplifting from Walmart. One took two floor mats and some seat covers for a vehicle. The other one was found to have a pair of baby shoes in her diaper bag which she said she had intended to pay for, but forgot.