Gas survey targets city of Covington residents

COVINGTON -- City of Covington residents should not be alarmed if they receive a call later this month regarding their gas service.

The city has contracted with an outside company, Quest Fore, to conduct a survey on behalf of the Covington Natural Gas System. The survey is part of the city's Public Awareness Program, and is being done to comply with state and federal regulations.

This is the second time the survey has been conducted, and the city is trying to get the word out so that customers are not alarmed.

The last time the survey was conducted, "it alarmed a few folks who thought they were making a dubious inquiry and it caused some concern with folks. We're trying to get the word out by notifying the newspapers, placing ads and running it on the PEG channels. We want to make certain we don't catch anybody off guard," said Utilities Director Bill Meecham.

Meecham said he's aware of scams where someone purporting to be from a utility provider calls and attempts to get personal information from citizens. He stressed that the legitimate surveyors hired by the city will not attempt to get information of a personal or financial nature.

The surveys will be conducted on July 23 and 24. The person conducting the survey will ask questions like, "Are you aware if there is a gas line buried in front of your house?" and "Are you aware of what number to call in the event of a gas leak or emergency?"

Citizens who live along roadways where gas lines are buried but are not city of Covington gas customers may also be called. The surveyor will inform customers what to do in the event of an emergency if they don't know. The city of Covington will receive the results of the survey.

"The main thing is to judge the impact of our safety programs we've had to make sure they're doing their job," Meecham said, noting that information about gas safety is available on PEG channels and in the lobby of City Hall.