LETTER: Rockdale doesn't need Oden's 'regional' approach

At a time when fiscal responsibility and thrift should be the motto of Rockdale County government and its elected officials, residents were instead exposed to a campaign by our current Chairman Richard Oden at his State of the County address. Of course, he even mentioned his campaign on Channel 23 right at the last part of the program.

The most predictable issue that Oden was pushing was for the residents of Rockdale to stop thinking of Rockdale as a county and start thinking "regionally" as part of the metro Atlanta region (ARC). The push for the continuation of government power was so great that the chairman brought in his pitchman from the ARC to push the idea that we need to come together as a region, and oh by the way, our county doesn't matter as much any more?

The Rockdale Republican Party recognized the dangers of the new transit authority Chairman Oden boasted he was helping in its creation. Voters need to pay special attention to this because if the TSPLOST tax referendum passes in July, we will no longer have a county government to complain to about the taxes we pay -- we'll have to fight a colossal government giant.

Do your part, Rockdale. Don't let Chairman Oden and the other "more government" bureaucrats get their wish. Register people to vote, and tell everyone to vote no on July 31 to keep our Georgia constitutional "Home Rule" provision intact.

Many of the campaigns are revving up and the party is planning activities almost every weekend. This is the time to contact us and get involved. The goal for the Rockdale Republican Party next year at this time is to report a sense of gratification as the voters will have returned a conservative chairman to run our county the way it was meant to be -- for Rockdale County!

-- Don Williamson


Rockdale GOP

Snapping Shoals should pull out of Plant Washington

Per your article "Plant Washington project in quesition after EMC drops its support," Snapping Shoals EMC is the largest remaining investor on record in a coal plant that is likely to cost more than $2 billion. As a Snapping Shoals EMC member this makes me (and my bank account), very nervous. In the past Cobb EMC was by far the largest investor in Plant Washington. Now that they have pulled out how much will be passed along to Snapping Shoals members? Who will continue to pay the lawyer fees etc. of the company that is fighting for permits?

The simplest solution for the Snapping Shoals Board would be to follow Cobb's lead and stop sending money to a coal plant developer who may never be able to deliver. The plant was proposed over four years ago and much has changed in the interim. Smart members and board members would be wise to ask if there is a simpler and cheaper solution to our energy needs.

I urge the Snapping Shoals EMC board to follow Cobb's lead and stop any further funding of Plant Washington.

-- J.L. Howard