Covington Police arrest 4 in connection with marijuana distribution

COVINGTON -- The Covington Police Department has arrested five individuals in connection with distributing marijuana at a Johnson Drive apartment.Ryan Little, 30, 10139 Strap Hinge Trail; Willie King, 23, 6138 Johnson Drive, Sadarious Stephens, 24, 2100 Tony Court, Conyers; and Akierne S. Barkley, 28, 55 Mountain Drive, were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and Willie Blackwell, 21, 4133 Odum St., was arrested for obstruction of a law enforcement officer and criminal trespass in connection with the incident which occurred around 4:30 p.m. Thursday. Officers were originally dispatched to the area when someone tipped them that a wanted man was outside the apartment complex. When they investigated, a man fitting the description of the wanted man ran when he saw the police vehicle, according to a CPD incident report.An officer pursued the individual on foot.

"I gave pursuit of the male and gave him lawful commands to stop which he refused," the report states. "I was able to keep him in my sight the whole way down the back side of the apartments. ... I observed the male round the corner of the building, so I was able to run to the front of the apartments to block him off. While doing so he ran into apartment 6238 Johnson Drive which I was able to stay right behind him as he was running inside."

The report states the officer encountered a female trying to shut the door behind the man, but went on inside as the door was not completely shut.

"Upon entering the apartment, I observed five males standing in the kitchen by the table, including the male that ran," the report states. "I instructed that male to come to my location with my gun drawn."

Ultimately it was discovered that the running man was not the wanted individual, but was identified as Blackwell.

The officer stated he placed the man who had fled (Blackwell) under arrest and ordered the others to sit on the sofa. Once backup arrived, the officer said he was doing a "quick protective sweep of the kitchen area to determine that there was no one else in the kitchen," when he spotted numerous small plastic bags that were empty and others that contained a green leafy substance lying on the kitchen table. There was also a digital scale on the table.

While awaiting a search warrant for the premises, officers patted down the four suspects on the sofa, and "a storage bag fell out of (Ryan Little's) pants that contained a quantity of suspected marijuana."

After executing the search warrant, no further contraband was located.

All five individuals were transported to the Newton County Detention Center and charges were filed.

"I also completed banishment forms from the Housing Authority on each male that was arrested," the incident report states.

In other crime news, officers were called to L&B Recycling at 8194 Washington St. Thursday around 11 a.m. when the owner reported an overnight break-in and theft of a large amount of copper and cable.

Video surveillance captured footage of two men engaged in the theft, according to a CPD incident report.

" ... An unidentified male wearing a ball cap, dark coat and blue jeans walks from around the back of the building and over to a ring which holds the key to the company's golf cart," the incident report states. "The man appears to know exactly where the key is kept as he does not hesitate looking for it. The man takes the key and boards the golf cart, driving it around the building to the shop.

"The footage from the shop shows two men grabbing the wire and cable and moving it out the door of the shop ... One of the subjects then drives the golf cart back to the front entrance and pulls close to the company's Coke machine. As the man exits the golf cart, the light of the machine shows his features."

The man is described as white, tall and stocky, wearing a black ski mask which covers his forehead with holes in it for the eyes, his nose and mouth; blue jeans; a dark blue or gray jacket; and work boots.

He's also observed attempting to buy two Cokes from the machine and then shaking the machine violently. He then returns the golf cart and the key to their location.

Tracks are located in the back of the business where it appeared to be what officers describe as a "staging area" for loading the metal into another vehicle. A large amount of cable, copper wire, alternators, coupling rings and other metal items were left behind in this area.

The weight and dollar amount of the stolen items were not known when the report was completed.

Also, Baker Distribution at 9158 Wheat St. was burglarized around 2 a.m. Friday.

According to the CPD incident report, officers responded to a burglar alarm sounding and found a large rock had been thrown through the glass of the front door.

The manager of the establishment found approximately $1,275 in cash and coins were missing.


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People who use any type of government help should be drug tested enough said.


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