Local author pens book on prophecy

:"Prophetic Impact"

:"Prophetic Impact"


Conyers native and Social Circle resident Jack Moon recently published "Prophetic Impact," a book about the gift of prophecy.

For those who wonder if what they're thinking is something God is telling them or if it's just their own idea, a local author has penned a book designed to help them know how to tell the difference.

Conyers native Jack Moon released his first book this month and said he hopes "Prophetic Impact" will help readers better understand how to know then they hear from God.

"God speaks to us in different ways," Moon said. "The Lord speaks to us about small things and about big things. There are so many examples in everyday life that the Lord has helped me with and in work and other areas."

Moon grew up in Conyers attending Pine Street Elementary and J.P. Carr Middle and is a 1982 Rockdale High School graduate. He also holds a bachelor's degree in pastoral ministries from Moody Theological Seminary in Locust Grove.

Moon has taught classes in prophetic ministry and much of the material he uses for those classes is included in his book.

"I started preaching and teaching years ago, back in the 1990s," he said. "But I kind of got frustrated with ministry."

All that changed when he and his family began attending Northeast Metro, a non-denominational church in Norcross that Moon describes as "spirit-filled" and where he became more involved in teaching others about how to hear from God.

"My ministry started there," he said. "It was like the Lord just led us there ... Doors started opening for us."

Moon began teaching and preaching and his ministry has been featured on a local TV station. He is the founder of Higher Call Ministries and often fills in for the pastor of his church when he is away from the pulpit, as well as regularly teaching classes and seminars to lead others in gaining confidence about how to hear from God.

"I just had a dreams and visions workshop where people bring in their dreams and we prayed over them," Moon said. "In these classes we get people to try to build up their confidence in hearing from God. People say, 'I can't hear from God. I can't hear from God.'"

Moon said often after prayer has been said for an individual and a word has been shared with them, the person will say "that's just what I needed."

"We'll practice hearing from God," he said. "The way God speaks to us is in different ways. We'll get silent to see if the Lord is going to show us who we're praying for. (We get) a picture or a word.

"It's all about encouraging or lifting each other up. I've had these concepts in my book for many years and developed these concepts, but never put them all down until the book."

The 150-page book is divided into six sections, including "A Biblical Basis for Prophecy," "Prophecy and the Other Gifts," "Managing the Gift of Prophecy," "Relating Prophecy to the Church," "Prophetic Traits" and "Fulfilling and Sharing Prophecy."

"Prophetic Impact" focuses on such concepts as obstacles and assurances on hearing from God, who can prophesy, dream insights, the nature of personal prophecy and other related topics.

The author credits his late mother-in-law, Beverly Tabor, as being an important influence in helping him learn about the gift of prophecy.

"(She) was real prophetic," he said of Tabor, who passed away about a year ago. "She was involved in prophetic ministry and took me under her wing and ministered to me. She would put on conferences and she's the one who got me teaching classes about the prophetic."

Moon said receiving direction from God is involved in all aspects of his life and tells how God can "show you things every day." He shared a story about how he sold a building for his employer that had been for sale for a year.

"The Lord showed me the strategy and I sold it in four days," Moon said, adding that his employer made a large profit. "That was God showing me the strategy. God speaks."

He said the Holy Spirit is "our helper" and "eager to help us."

Moon said he did not grow up going to church, but became a Christian and church-goer in his 20s.

"In my 20s, the Lord got hold of my heart," he said. "I started attending church... I started studying and eventually got a degree. I was like an itinerant preacher and ministered at different churches.

"When I developed the confidence that I could hear the Lord, I wanted to help others. Outside of being saved, having the confidence of hearing God when He's speaking to us is one of the most important things we can experience in our Christian walk. A lot of people don't recognize it... The book makes it simple to know if it's your own thinking or what God's telling you to do."

Moon, who now lives in Social Circle, works in the construction industry, and he and his wife, Misty, are the parents of three children, Isaac, 15, Ava, 7, and Lila, 2.

Copies of "Prophetic Impact," which sell for $15, are available by visiting the following two websites: www.nemetro.us or www.blurb.com.

The author is now making plans for a second book and says it will most likely focus on the topics of "purpose" and "destiny."

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