JULIE WELLS: All of us should pick up our Bible more often

My husband Kevin preached at our church service this past Sunday while our pastor, Pastor Charles, and his family were out of town.

I, of course, was the proud little wife sitting on the fourth row listening to him and just so excited that I married a man who loves to talk about Jesus.

Kevin did a great job; he had some jokes and even a couple of visual aids to assist his sermon. He also gave us all some great main points. But there was one thing he said that really stuck out in my mind.

He reminded all of us to go back and check what he was saying, and not to always take what we hear and go with it. He encouraged us to study the word, read it for ourselves and study it.

I think too often all of us just take what people say and go with it. But you know when something doesn't sit right with your spirit, you usually go back and search for peace in your heart.

Everyone of us needs to be deep in the word of God. God didn't just give Bibles to our pastors and preachers and teachers. The Bible is there for all of us to study and gain the knowledge of the one who came to seek and save the lost.

Kevin said something else Sunday morning. He said that the Bible is a collection of love letters from God. And he is right.

I have to say, as I sat there I felt ashamed of myself, because I know that anytime Kevin leaves me a sweet little note I just can't wait to read it. I'll read that note over and over and over. Yet there have been times I've only picked up my Bible on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Shame on me.

I was also reminded of hearing about missionaries who have gone to foreign countries and seen people in those countries walk miles and miles just to get one page of the Bible. One page. And yet I have three or four Bibles and a version on my phone and I still take it for granted everyday.

I do read some scriptures every morning, but it still isn't enough.

Even as I say "shame on me," I am reminded that He loves me still. He knows my heart and He still encourages me to read His love letters.

What an awesome God we serve. Despite how many times we miss opportunities to learn more about Him, He is still there for us.

Julie Wells is the editorial assistant in the newsroom at the Rockdale Citizen. She can be reached at julie.wells@rockdalecitizen.com.