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Blues singer Etta James dies at 73

The 73-year-old died on Friday at Riverside Community Hospital from complications of leukemia, with her husband and sons at her side.

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Tight ends take center stage in AFC, NFC title games

New England’s Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, along with San Francisco’s Vernon Davis and others around the league, have completely changed the definition of the NFL tight end this season as the position evolves from being merely a blocker and limited weapon to a full-blown offensive force heading into Sunday’s AFC and NFC title games.

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Braves GM Wren addresses team's quiet offseason

For all the Braves fans who wanted a big offseason blockbuster trade or signing by Atlanta, but have yet to see one with spring training just a few weeks ago, GM Frank Wren says don’t worry — it’s all part of his master plan.

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Tech's Johnson speaks to media for first time since Sun Bowl loss

Paul Johnson hasn’t spoken to the media in almost a month since Georgia Tech’s crushing Sun Bowl loss to Utah in overtime, but Friday he talked about the season that was and what the future holds for the Yellow Jackets.

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QB Washington still has inside track at Ga. Tech

Tevin Washington will go into spring practice as Georgia Tech's starting quarterback, coach Paul Johnson said Friday, but the senior-to-be must prove he's still the best choice to run the triple-option

Rockdale, Salem basketball teams split Friday doubleheader

Prior to the 2011-2012 boy's basketball season, Rockdale had to replace two Division 1 players, another college player and future Division 1 player from the starting five off a team that reached the state championship game. Thanks to the one player that remained, the Bulldogs kept on winning anyway. C.J. Wilson scored 30 points and Rockdale erased a five-point deficit in the fourth quarter to hold off Salem 72-68 Friday.

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TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER: Author chronicles 'dates' with female friends in 'MWF Seeking BFF'

There's an impressive number of friends on your Facebook page. Nearly all your high school classmates are there. You've friended everybody at your current, last and one-before jobs.All your college chums are connected with you, as are two friends of your mother's, your mother, some old boyfriends, and people you don't know well but friended anyhow.

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RONDA RICH: Celebrate the beauty of all women

In a conversation recently, a guy friend commented on seeing someone, saying, "She was in evening make-up."I'm still pondering that because I have never heard a guy -- or woman for that matter -- comment on "evening make-up." That got me to thinking that I don't have "evening make-up." What you see at 9 a.m. with me is pretty much what you're gonna get at 9 p.m.

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RECIPE BOX: Crock-Pot Hawaiian Chicken a sweet, tangy dish

Some of you might get a kick out of this week's column. I know I've laughed about it all week.. I learned a few lessons from cooking this recipe, Crock-Pot Hawaiian chicken.. Here's my No. 1 tip -- Don't believe everything you read on the Internet.. I had seen

Woman injured in Ga. 212 crash

A woman was taken to an Atlanta hospital for treatment of injuries following a crash Friday afternoon at the intersection of Ga. Highway 212 and Smyrna Road.

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Lowe's grant finances half of Habitat home

Persistence paid off for the Conyers/Rockdale County Habitat for Humanity. The nonprofit, which helps provide affordable housing for low-income families, procured a $30,000 grant from the Lowe's home improvement company recently, a grant they failed to obtain when they first applied for it in 2008.

Local schools receive state awards for student achievement

Two Rockdale County schools and a Newton County school have been recognized by the Governor's Office of Student Achievement for being top achieving schools on state tests.

Ex-PSU assistants to get $4.4 M in severance

Penn State will pay out a total of roughly $4.4 million in severance to more than a half-dozen assistants who weren't retained by new head coach Bill O'Brien.

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Obama to press Congress to revisit $1.2T in cuts

In its budget proposal next month, the Obama administration will urge lawmakers to revisit the failed attempt by a congressional supercommittee to cut the deficit by at least $1.2 trillion, the White House says.

Jan. 22 Newton Phone Poll

Newton Phone Poll

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Dyer set for senior season at GSU

Former Salem High School baseball player Jake Dyer, is getting ready for his senior season on the college diamond at Georgia State.

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Alford joins former teammate in Atlanta

Former Heritage star Callie Alford is about to make the transition to major college softball.

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FOCUS ON THE FAMILY: Encourage 4-year-old interested in 'boyfriends' to play with both boys and girls

Q: Our 4-year-old daughter has been talking a lot about having a "boyfriend." Recently, while playing with some neighborhood kids, she and a boy of the same age kept going off into a corner of the yard "to be alone." Should I be worried about this?

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JOHN PEARRELL: If we belong to Christ, we need to be connected with His body, the church.

In last week's column, I concluded my thoughts on the church by stating that if we were to be obedient Christ followers, and enjoy the full benefits of our walk with Him, we cannot isolate ourselves from the fellowship of believers, from the church.

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TONY ELDER: Let the Holy Spirit flow into your life and take you where you need to go

Did you hear the strange bit of news coming from the big boat show in Atlanta last weekend? It seems that the event had to delay its opening by a few hours. Why? It was because of water.

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JOE LAGUARDIA: The divine encounter of communion points to eternal life, better days ahead

At worship on Sunday, during communion, I had a chance to reflect on the Great Recession and recent hardships facing Christ's Church in North America. The lousy economy, a growing atheist movement unashamedly spreading the non-gospel of unbelief, waning baptism and attendance records in churches, and weakening denominations confront Christians with various challenges.

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JASON DEES: Do you dress to glorify God?

If you come by the church office any given day of the week, you are likely to find me in a suit with a tie on. This has often led to confusion from church members and others in the community as I am often asked, "Why do you always dress up for work?"

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ORRIN MORRIS: Chickweed reminds us we 'have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God'

Most of the year my garden plot has been covered with chickweed. We have sprayed some with herbicides but not those close to the cool weather crops. Some chickweed we pulled up by hand.When spring comes, I will till the garden but all I will do is fold under the seeds that were on top and bring up from underground the seeds that were tilled under last fall. Soon these pesky plants will sprout, bloom and produce seeds. The cycle in the fight with chickweed continues.

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JAMES BEHRENS: God created us to love from our weakness and unfinished hearts, lives

The writing of papers in graduate school did not come easily to me. In fact, those first forays into graduate level writing were torture.I struggled with trying to put on paper an intelligent and flowing pattern of words that made sense out of piles of primary and secondary source materials. I wanted the footnotes and quotes to fit into the text as neatly and beautifully as pearls in oysters.

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JULIE WELLS: All of us should pick up our Bible more often

My husband Kevin preached at our church service this past Sunday while our pastor, Pastor Charles, and his family were out of town.

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Local author pens book on prophecy

Conyers native Jack Moon released his first book this month and said he hopes "Prophetic Impact" will help readers better understand how to know then they hear from God.

Emma Stanton

Emma Janet Stanton, age 88 of Conyers, died Thursday, January 19, 2012. Condolences may be submitted on-line at Scot Ward Funeral Services, 699 American Legion Road ...