Suspected drug activity leads to six arrests in Conyers

CONYERS -- The Conyers Police Department charged six suspects last week in connection with drug activity at the Briar Creek apartment complex.

Arrested and charged with possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana were: Juandrago Rodregus Carter, 23, 105 Sunflower Lane, Covington: Trae Antonio Middlebrooks, 22, 475 Fieldstone Lane, Covington; Martin Deon McKenzie, 22, 6450 Gids Ct., Lithonia; Iman Zequora Horton, 19, 979 Briar Creek Ct.; and Jason Anthony Nickerson, 24, 886 Briar Creek Ct. In addition, Emmanuel Elijah Singleton, 18, 1224 Dressage Ridge, was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

According to the Police Department reports, a traffic stop on Dec. 24 "turned into resourceful information in reference to drug activity in the Briar Creek Apartments."

Subsequently, on Jan. 10, an officer patrolling in the apartment complex noticed that the sliding glass door at 886 Briar Creek Ct. was open. When the officer got out of his car to investigate, he noticed "fresh blunt guts" and a yellow cigar wrapper in the parking lot directly in front of the apartment. Blunt guts are the tobacco that is removed from a cigar so the cigar wrapper can be filled with marijuana.

The officer knocked on the door and Nickerson, a resident of the apartment, came to the door. The officer was able to see drug-related items in the living room, including a previously burned blunt and marijuana stems on the carpet.

When questioned, Nickerson initially told police he was alone in the apartment. However, further questioning and investigation by officers revealed that there were four more people in the apartment -- including Horton, who was hiding in a closet, and Middlebrooks and McKenzie, who were hiding together in another closet.

Another officer arrested Singleton, who was riding an orange bicycle between the apartment buildings. Singleton was taken to 866 Briar Creek Ct. and questioned by officers. A man's purse containing five individually packaged bags of marijuana wrapped in grocery bags was found in Singleton's right jacket pocket, according to the report.

Items confiscated at the apartment included: numerous prescription bottles containing medications prescribed to several different people, none of whom were at the apartment; marijuana inside an Altoids container; a marijuana grinder; a marijuana glass pipe; a digital scale, drug-related packaging bags; and other items.