JASON DEES: Take time to observe all the details in life God has provided us

Jason Dees

Jason Dees

Let me tell you about a friend of mine. Her name is Laura Wisner. She was a long time FBC choir member and is still a faithful member. Laura lives at the Remington House in Conyers and has to be one of the most colorful women there.

If you are looking for a good way to spend an hour, you should go and pay her a visit. One of the things you will enjoy about your visit with Laura Wisner is that she is an observer. She is quick to notice some of the most minute, yet colorful aspects of life.

Observation is a special gift from God that I hope we all will find time to enjoy. We get so busy living life, we often fail to take time to observe it. It is clear that Laura has spent hours enjoying the gift of observation and because of this she has become an excellent writer.

Laura shared two short stories with me during our chat. The first was about a baby deer named "Freckles" that lived with her for 14 weeks and the other was about a hummingbird friend of hers.

Laura lived in a house on Indie Circle for many years with a friend of hers named Jane. The two were such a pair that everyone in town called them sisters and as time went by that is what they became. Laura and Jane weren't the only ones in the house, though.

They also had two dogs named Domino and Tuffy who were just as an important part of the household as anyone. Laura has seen a lot through the years. She has observed the best and the worst of life through many tears of joy and pain. And those tears are her secret to seeing so much.

She told me, "that when you look through your tears you can see things better than when you look through your glasses."

I hope this week we all learn a little lesson from Laura, and pause, and look, if only for a minute. I don't want us to miss all of the glorious ways that God shows Himself to us in life.

Jason Dees is senior pastor at First Baptist Church of Covington. He can be reached at 770-786-9031 or www.firstbaptistcovington.com or www.facebook.com/jasondees.