Newton County teens arrested in Walton County hold-ups

COVINGTON -- The conclusion if it works once, it will work again, may not be as logical as one would think. Two Newton County teens allegedly stretched their luck to the breaking point by attempting to rob the same Marathon gas station in Walton County twice with only a two-week interval.

According to Walton County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Bruce Wright, Buddy Eugene Davy, 18, of Covington and Lesley Lynn Martin, 18, of Oxford were arrested after a lookout was posted for a truck seen near the scene during the second robbery.

"Based on evidence discovered in the truck and at the scene, both were arrested for the second robbery and also arrested for the previous armed robbery two weeks ago," Wright said.

The first incident occurred on Dec. 13 at the Marathon gas station in Jersey about 9:45 p.m. The clerk told WCSO investigators that a skinny, white male walked into the convenience store, had a mask over his face, was carrying a rifle and demanded money. He fled the store on foot.

Wright said on that occasion no vehicle was observed; however, when the young man, again masked and armed with a rifle, tried the same thing again at the same store on Dec. 28 around 10 p.m., the clerk did notice a vehicle.

"He didn't see the suspect get into it, but he did see it leaving the general area," Wright said. "We put a lookout out over the entire county and a vehicle fitting that description was stopped on Highway 11 in Social Circle."

Wright said Davy was driving and the 18-year-old female was a passenger. Enough evidence was gathered to charge both teens, he said. They both face two counts of armed robbery with the male also charged with two counts of aggravated assault as he was the one brandishing the weapon, Wright said.