LETTER: Thanks to veterans

To the 2011 veterans of "A Veteran's Story" -- Thank you for sharing your stories with all of us. It was my honor to interview you, call you my friend, and to welcome you home.

World War II -- Grady Mullins, Val Archer, Jack Simpson, Commissioner Pete Wheeler, Gerald Hipps, Carl Hyde, Britt Jackson, Bill Edwardy, Roy Hector, Ralph Dunlap, Bud Sosebee, Ona Lester, Sheriff J.T. Wallace, Elizabeth McClain, Julius Rainwater, Dorothy Turner, Ambassador Ted Britton, Bob Kerr, Arlie Aukerman, Fred Johnson, and William Peterson.

Korea -- Ray Hambrick, John Meyers, and Bob Astalos.

Vietnam -- Superior Court Judge Sidney Nation, Tommy Clack, Frank Aiken, Joe May, Bill Campbell, Judson Caldwell, Ray Girardin, Vince Przybyszewski, Senator Max Cleland, Bob Atkinson, John Scroggs, John Joseph, and the Memorial for Pfc. Ted Britt.

The Gulf War and/or 9/11 -- Pastor Bud Onstad and Terri Prieto.

Iraq and/or Afghanistan -- Tommy Golden and Claire Crawford.

You ladies and gentlemen are my heroes. Thank you for your service. God bless.

Pete Mecca