Jan. 1 Newton Citizen Poll

"I would like to suggest Newton Citizen to do a story on the young man that works for Little Caesars pizza that's on Salem Road in Covington next to Kroger. I'm sure everyone knows exactly who I am talking about. This young man was given the job to stand outside and hold the Little Caesars sign. Now I know this job isn't the most glamorous position and that 95 percent of us would find it hard or uncomfortable, some even to embarrassed to stand out in public holding this advertisement sign, especially most of the other young males his age. I just feel that some of us could learn a lesson from this young man. Instead of worrying about what others think or being embarrassed this young man has made the best of the situation and made it his own. Every time my wife and I drive past him standing out there he always makes us smile and laugh. He is out there even if it's cold out, just dancing and smiling and seems to be having a good time. He just seems to have a good attitude, and I believe he deserves his 15 minutes of fame."

"Dear Barack Obama -- I'm a good enough person to forgive you -- but not stupid enough to trust you again."

"I was asked the other day what I thought about the state charging people who pay taxes, being charged for services that are already paid for through taxes paid. Examples are being charged to use certain lanes on the expressway, now being charged to ride bikes in state parks. My answer was this. The state is broke and they are charging the few that are able to pay for services that should be free. They do this to cover the cost of dead beats and illegals' children who are draining the state dry. I know of cases where young women move in with their boyfriends, get pregnant and don't get married so the state will pay for the child's birth, food in the form of food stamps, and assist with housing cost. This is being done while the dead beat dad is living in the home. This is not a race issue because both whites and blacks are doing this. Illegals who have children here get basically the same services provided to their children. They pay no taxes because legally they can't, most are paid under the table. They enjoy a free education and all enjoy free lunches. DFCS needs to stop this mess now. No education should be provided to the children of illegals with out payment for this services. Every U.S. citizens' child is just about guaranteed an education as it should be, but if you are an illegal parent that should not extend to you without payment whether the child was born here or not. Remember the key word is illegal parent. We should make them pay to stay."

"How much longer must we wait for the completion of the paving project of Highway 278 and the connecting roads. I'm glad these folks weren't in charge of repaving I-20, which was accomplished by DOT in record time in comparison to this project. The current situation is worse than the traffic it was supposed to eliminate. A frustrated citizen and motorist."

"Night driving can be dangerous, especially in bad weather, when highway side and dividing lines practically disappear. What does it take for the many (reflecting) white lines to be repainted so that they can be more easily seen?"

"Obamaphone Myth -- does anyone really believe this nonsense? Apparently the writer who attempted to refute the original rebuttal to the Obama phone myth requires remedial reading comprehension, but also does not understand the many evolving legislative acts through many presidential administrations leading to telephone service for everyone. There is a government program that's been around since the Reagan years to provide telephone and cellular service to low income people. It's called the Lifeline Assistance and Link-Up program. It isn't paid for with our taxes. Instead, there is a charge on our phone bills for 'USF,' the "Universal Services Fund,' that pays for this and other telephone programs, such as providing telephone service to remote rural areas. President Obama had nothing to do with it. The federal government has maintained the two programs that subsidize phone service for low-income Americans since 1985. Lifeline discounts a consumer's phone bill by up to $10 each month, and Link Up offers consumers up to $30 off connection charges. Both programs are administered through the Universal Service Fund (USF), which helps make phone service available to all Americans, including government entities like schools and libraries as well as those who live in rural areas. Now the Lifeline Assistance and Link-Up programs are under attack. Just like we've seen with banks that got TARP funds from taxpayers but still paid bonuses like nothing had ever happened, there are telecommunications companies that want federal rules changed to cut off people from basic telephone or limited cellular service (needed to access 911 safety services), because it's not profitable for them even though we, the paying customers, are paying for it. I wonder if the corporations will drop the surcharge that we currently pay? Originally, Lifeline was intended to help consumers pay for conventional land line phones. But as mobile phones have become commonplace, the FCC has allowed low-income folks to use Lifeline funds for wireless service, too. Rather than bore everyone with a dissertation on the FCC and the ICC, I recommend that you check FactCheck.org, politifact.com, and Snopes.com. Perhaps then the rebutter to the rebuttal will understand that the rebuttal did not state President Wilson had anything to do with cell phones, but referred to early, evolving legislation influencing the 1985 legislation. Reagan-phone has a nice ring to it! (Pun intended!)"

"I would like to make a comment about the poster in today's paper (12/25/11) who thinks it's such a great idea for the city to purchase the Indian Creek Golf Course as a solution for a bike trail. This poster obviously does not live in either North Links, South Links, Covington Place, Corrydell, or the section of Dearing Street that backs up the ICGC. As a concerned resident of these neighborhoods I am strongly opposed to this taking place and here are my reasons: (1) Newton County and Covington need to offer more than just one golf course (the Oaks) so that we provide something worthwhile to businesses looking to locate in here -- one golf course just doesn't get it in my opinion (it also doesn't give any incentive for the Oaks to maintain their course since they'd be 'the only game in town"); (2) We do not need or want to have random people walking or biking at any hour of the day or night in our neighborhoods as this poses a real safety issue (for homeowners) and would surely increase the crime rate; (3) Unless the city is planning on keeping the grass maintained on the course at its current height, this will quickly become a horrible looking environment in the fairways and lead to a huge drop in property values even more than they have already dropped in this economy; and (4) We do not need a civic center or government buildings or an amphitheater built in the middle of a quiet residential area as this will add noise, traffic, crime, and drop the property values again. I could probably come up with many more solid reasons as to why this is a bad idea if I took the time to brain-storm them. I hope that the residents of these neighborhoods surrounding the golf course will realize that this is not a good thing but is a bad thing for our neighborhoods if the city continues it's discussion of making this a reality. We need to get Mike Whatley (a fellow resident of our neighborhoods) to stand up and let Keith Dalton and any other council member who supports this purchase know that this is not a good idea and we do not welcome this in our back yard. If residents sit idly by and do nothing to stop this then you'll have no one to blame but yourselves when crime takes over and property values plummet. This is a horrible idea that must be stopped right away! If there isn't enough room in downtown Covington for a civic center then why isn't the city looking at the old Walmart building or property as an alternative as there is lots of room there and great access to Highway 278 and I-20? Wake up residents before it is too late!"

"I firmly feel the Rockdale Citizen poll dated Dec. 25th relative to the school bus ride after hours should be made available to all citizens of both counties. And, more importantly, whoever was responsible for letting this happen should be forced to answer all the questions raised in the article. That from the very top down as far as necessary. Being a senior, entering the military at 18, never looking towards Uncle Sam for a hand out, raised four children, happily married for 57 years, struggled through life same as everyone else, cannot believe how our country has lost all reasoning and good common sense. After being 39 for 40 years, I am deeply concerned about the younger generations coming up behind the mess we are going to leave them. This is not the change we wanted or thought we voted for."

"There are two reasons we have produce rotting in the fields now that illegal immigrants have decided it is too risky for them to work for peanuts. First is that we have a tremendous number of able-bodied people who are collecting welfare. These people will not get off welfare and go to work in the fields because it would not mean an increase in their income. Every dollar they make planting and picking would be reduced from their welfare check, so, why would they want to work? Second, is that the teens who desperately want to make some money from any kind of work are prohibited by laws designed under the guise of protecting them. True, these are often 15-18-year-olds who really should be thinking about school work, but if they drop out of school and try to get a job, their hours are limited and some types of work are prohibited to them. The unintended consequence of not letting teens work is that they become part of the entitlement crowd that thinks the world owes them something just because they are alive."

"If the welfare crowd were forced off welfare and teens were allowed to work with fewer restrictions, fields would be worked by U.S. citizens. Additionally, if teens were allowed to do hard work, they would be flooding back to schools to earn a better education so they would not be consigned to a life of hard labor."

"The total cost (based on what is known) for a 17-day round trip vacation to Hawaii for the president and his family and staff and security is an estimated $4,113,038. That includes $3,629,622 for separate travel for the president and his family, $151,200 for housing for security, $72,216 for staff to stay in one of Hawaii's most luxurious resorts, the Moana Surfrider in Waikiki, and local police protection and ambulance detail for $260,000. While the president and his family are vacationing with much fanfare, publicity, and controversy, the former speaker of the House, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, champion of the poor and the disenfranchised, 'is once again spending her Christmas at the exotic Four Seasons Resort Hualalai at Historic Ka'upulehu in Kona on the island of Hawaii.' The cost? $10,000 per day. In addition to the $10,000 per day cost that she will be spending, her stay will cost Hawaiians some cash: 'Pelosi has been escorted by local police during her last two holiday visits to Hawaii Island at a cost of $34,000 to local taxpayers.' The millions that the Obamas are spending, and the tens of thousands of dollars Pelosi is spending, could go a long way to help the poor and unemployed. It could be invested in new business ventures, job training, home repairs for some unemployed family, or helping to pay someone's mortgage. No, they will do these things with other people's money."

"A New Year Prayer For the Elderly: God, grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway, The good fortune to run into the ones that I do, And the eyesight to tell the difference."

"I agree with the headlights writing poll -- them lights are a real hazard while driving, but there ain't nothing we can do, is there."

"I want to thank and compliment the post office employees at the Covington Post Office. I have visited that post office at least once a week for nearly 15 years and each employee has consistently been professional, helpful, and polite. I especially noticed their great attitude during this latest busy Christmas season. Thank you for a job well done!"


altameese 3 years, 10 months ago

As a Bellsouth(AT&T) employee, as a matter of fact the Lifeline Assistance phone program has been infect since the 1980's. It was formed to help rural area customers with the phone, as for the cellphone plan even though it was not implemented until recently. It was a part of the program that Reagan established.


MeanMrMustard 3 years, 10 months ago

No offense, but, how did you get hired at AT&T with that caliber of spelling and punctuation?


KimberlyD 3 years, 10 months ago

One way to eliminate paying the USF fee is to drop AT&T as your service provider. Other home phone companies do not charge this fee.


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