NCSO: Boy robbed at gunpoint for his MP3 Player

COVINGTON -- Four teens were arrested and charged with armed robbery Sunday afternoon following the theft of an MP3 Player from a young boy, according to the Newton County Sheriff's Office.

Around 11:30 a.m., a 15-year-old boy was walking from one of the stores near the intersection of Ga. Highway 162 and Morningside Drive when several other juveniles approached him.

"In the process, one of them brandished a handgun," said NCSO Public Information Officer Courtney Morrison. "The victim attempted to fight a little bit, but was threatened that he would be shot and he quit resisting."

The victim said the suspects left the scene with his MP3 Player.

"The victim immediately reported the incident to 911. Deputies had a quick response and were able to contain the scene and located the perpetrators from the victim's description to the 911 dispatcher."

Morrison said four teens -- ages 13, 14, 15 and 16 -- were arrested and charged with armed robbery.

The MP3 Player was not located; however, the handgun that was allegedly used was found and taken into evidence.

In other crime news, a employee of McDonald's on Ga. Highway 36 has been arrested after management caught her on tape allegedly taking cash from the register and placing it in her pocket.

Kaci Kaye Wyble, 23, of 45 Helen Road was arrested Friday and taken to the Newton County Detention Center.

According to an NCSO incident report, a member of the restaurant's management reported that Wyble was stealing money and showed the responding deputy video tapes dated Feb. 7, 14, 18 and 22 that showed the alleged thefts.

"He showed me how she was entering beverages manually and pocketing the money and taking cash out of the register on transactions," the report states. "(He) said he noticed the profits were not adding up with the amount of food that was going out. ... He watched the records and noticed on the nights Kaci worked when all transactions were moved to the drive-thru window at 11 p.m., her shift would make very little money. He said on the nights Kaci was not working, profits would be substantially higher."

The report states that after viewing the tapes, Wyble admitted to stealing.

An employee of the construction firm building the new high school on Crowell Road reported that the property was vandalized over the weekend.

Two windows in the mobile home and a window to a movable trailer on the property were shattered by a fire extinguisher and a large piece of construction equipment was driven through approximately 30 feet of chain link fence. Damages amount to about $750.

"It appeared there was an attempt to drive the equipment into the retention pond, but they failed," Morrison said.

An Old Atlanta Highway business reported to the NCSO they suspect a man who came to their office looking for employment of stealing approximately $4,000 worth of checks made out to the company.

An employee of the company reported that she left the man in the office alone while she went to see if there were any job openings. When he left, they noticed the checks which were on a desk about 10 feet from the front door were missing.

The man is described as a dark-skinned black male, about 5 feet, 10 inches tall, with a close haircut and wearing a leather jacket.


dennistay53 3 years ago

Teens robbing teen with gun. This should concern all citizens of Newton County. I'm sure the NCSO will find out how these teens got the gun and where else they had been with the gun. Makes you worry after what happened in the school in Ohio. Citizens in Newton County need to be concerned with the crimes going on and push our government to be proactive on safety concerns. With a growing county and most of the growing coming from the west to the eastern part of the county action by our board of commissioners needs to be taken now. I would think that our commissioners would be meeting on a regular basis with our law enforcement experts (Sheriff, and Police chiefs ) to find out what they need to keep our streets safe. Even if we have to cut money to other departments we need to do it to get and keep law enforcement positioned to be proactive in combating crime. I would think that we would be looking to put a sheriff station in the eastern part of the county where most of the people are. I,m sure there are a lot of empty buildings already in place that could be used so more patrols could be run in this area and reaction time would be quicker. I mean to me it is more important to use tax dollars to combat crime than it is to build agriculture centers, rec centers and civic centers isn't it? Make sure our sheriff has the tools to work with. This should be priorty 1 on our next budget.


dennistay53 3 years ago

Got my directions wrong. Western part of county is where we need a Sheriff station and more patrols to combat what is coming out of Fulton,DeKalb and Rockdale counties


spdracer90 2 years, 12 months ago

Make that a Sheffif's station and a new jail to hold all the criminals over there!


Frustrated 2 years, 12 months ago

Maybe Walmart will offer NCSO space in thier store for a precinct since there will be an increase in crime in that area once they open.


spdracer90 2 years, 12 months ago

Can't get much worse over there can it?? Was unfortunately on that side of town the other day---scary--couldn't get out of there fast enough. Pitiful sight!


dennistay53 2 years, 12 months ago

I was thinking of one of these homes that our County Commissioners are buying up in the Western part of the county. They are buying them up with our tax dollars at close to or at fair market value, but Walmart might be another option.


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