Nyloboard says 'no worries' with decking from recycled materials

Douglas R. Morse, President & COO of Nyloboard.

Douglas R. Morse, President & COO of Nyloboard.


Nyloboard is located in a 500,000-square-foot building at the intersection of Alcovy Road and Industrial Park Boulevard. The company has been in Covington for seven years and employs 20 people.

COVINGTON -- A nice deck on the back of the home is often the setting for fun gatherings of family and friends. But that picturesque scene can begin to fade as sun, rain, mildew or even termites begin to take their toll on the wood.

A relatively new manufacturer in Covington has an alternative.

Nyloboard is a manufacturer of composite decking boards, exterior trim, soffit, fascia, sheets and sheathing. The company opened its doors in 2004 in an approximately 500,000-square-foot building located at the intersection of Alcovy Road and Industrial Park Boulevard and employs 20 individuals.

According to Nyloboard's website, Nyloboard composite products have been used by the marine industry for more thanseven years in a variety of ways, including transoms, hulls, floors, bulkheads, and consoles by the leading boat manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada.

Last year, the company launched its new product, NyloDeck, a composite deck board.


Douglas R. Morse, President & COO of Nyloboard, in the board room with decking product made from recycled carpet which makes for a worry-free product. Douglas R. Morse, president and chief operating officer, is shown here with a sample of the product which is not susceptible to mold, mildew or termites. “Our motto is , no wood; no PVC; no worries,” Morse said.

"We are in the introductory phase and we plan to enter the market through single-step channels, where we sell directly to dealers, builders, developers and contractors," said Douglas Morse, president and chief operating officer of Nyloboard.

Morse said the composite decking is the primary thrust of the business right now.

The decking is made using 100 percent recycled carpet fiber that is combined with a proprietary resin and encapsulated in a monolithic composite board. The board is then finished with edging, embossed and covered with an ultraviolet protectant.

NyloDeck is primarily used on residential properties, but has been used on a boat dock at Reynolds Plantation and on some commercial properties in other states.

The company is tight-lipped about its product and manufacturing process, but boasts that it is the only composite decking manufacturer to use 100 percent recycled carpet fiber. Nyloboard participates in the Carpet America Recovery Effort, or CARE, which is a joint industry-government effort to reduce the amount of waste carpet going to landfills.

In 2010, BuildingGreen Inc., publisher of GreenSpec Directory and Environmental Building News, named NyloDeck a Top 10 green building product.

"NyloDeck is different from other composite deck products because of our synthetic fibers and nylon that do not support any kind of growth," Morse said.

In other words, the product can be submerged in water or float on top of water and will not swell. Because of its complete synthetic nature, it is not susceptible to mold, mildew or termites.

"Our motto is, no wood; no PVC; no worries," Morse said.