Feb. 26 Newton Citizen Poll

"I would like to thank the Newton Citizen for writing the article about the Newton county firefighters that installed the smoke detectors that saved a life. I work on the same shift as these two firefighters and one of them happens to be my engineer. Newton Citizen, you are correct they should pat themselves on the back. I can also tell you they both have said the greatest gift they can ever receive is knowing that the actions they performed saved a life. They have said that is why they are firefighters they want to give back and help others and that is just what they did."----

"Amazing! One of the best things the Citizen newspapers have going for them is the 'Citizen Poll' column in the Sunday newspaper. Sooooo -- instead of expanding it because it is so popular and helping to increase their readership, they circumcise it to a fraction of the number of replies they formerly had. Is this what they mean by 'cutting your nose off to spite your face?' They've already cut out Mondays and Saturday newspapers and the rest of the days are merely 'brochures' of what they once were. Instead of 'going down with the ship' why aren't they working harder to keep it afloat? Mercy! Has the Obama mentality spread that deep?"

Editor's note: The Newton Citizen has not changed its policy regarding the Citizen Poll. The volume of submissions to the poll has decreased, most likely due to the fact that more readers are now commenting online. We appreciate your contribution.----

"I 100 percent understand that jobs are difficult to find and layoffs seem plentiful. That said, I am totally frustrated that unemployment benefits continue to be extended and extended, which provides zero incentive for the unemployed to go out and find a job. We have several friends who have been laid off and most have found jobs. It took a while, but they kept it up and found gainful employment. Those still unemployed have not looked -- one has been laid off for a year, but hasn't put in the first application (even though his family has found several jobs he is qualified for, but he refuses to apply because he still collects benefits); another one thought every job available wasn't good enough for him (so he just collects unemployment); etc. Unemployment is supposed to be a safety net to cover bills -- not a reason to sit home and not work. It costs all of us to keep extending these benefits as employers are the ones who have to pay for them and those costs have to be paid by the customers. Stop the madness! Get a job!"----

"Why do I have zero benefits and six furlough days when a board member spends half of what I make a month in two days of jet planes and $300-per-night hotels. I would really like to see copies of the plane and hotel receipts since my hard-earned tax money went to this."----

"I find it strange that there have been no further reports in the paper about the fatal accident involving a local teenager. Could it be that (a relative) is putting pressure on the media to not report any further on this incident. Sounds like another Chappaquidick to me. It is my understanding that it was not only alcohol being consumed at the party the girl attended but that drugs were in ample supply. Why have no arrests been made and why hasn't the girl's blood alcohol been made public? ... "

Editor's note: The driver involved in this accident had not been charged as of press time. It is the policy of this newspaper not to identify drivers in accidents who are not charged with a violation. According to the Georgia Department of Public Safety, blood alcohol test results for this driver are still pending, and the Special Reconstruction Accident Team is still working this case. If and when charges are filed against the driver, they will be reported by the Citizen.----

"Teacher cosmetic surgery and implants! Are you kidding me? Let's just have a televised public school reality show. But then again, maybe that's not such a bad idea. I can't think of a better way to raise public awareness of our school's problems!"----

"Folks ... long gone are the days of Wally and Theodore (Beaver) Cleaver. That is S-O-O-O 50 years ago. If most of our kids had two even one parent(s) like Ward and/or June Cleaver waiting at home, most of our public school problems wouldn't even exist."----

"All the hype all these years about African American museum and displays, when will there be a museum that shows the real slaves -- the Irish men and all the other white men whose hands bled and were killed just like all the so-called African slaves. If half of the African race worked as hard as they did, imagine what the U.S. could do with that money. Where is the cowboy museum? If it wasn't for them where would beef be today. Does anybody know the race of the man that freed the slaves? You don't never see a black man with a shirt with Abe on it. If you did he may be smoking weed with the saying for all my homies true life ... "----

"I was calling about the teacher complaint in the Feb. 19 edition. The student cussed her and there was nothing done about it. I think that is a shame, but that is what happens when your younguns run the street with no supervision."----

"I was calling about Jamie Hood. After what he done and he complains 'cause he don't have a 60-inch plasma TV to watch. I got one comment. He makes me sick."----"Fruit of the Looms showing! How lucky you Porterdaleians are. It could be a lot less."----

"I would like to comment about the clothes that are made in China. If the people would quit buying the clothes that are made in China and throw them back on the rack, then we could have some American-made clothes. I just bought a shirt ... it was made in China and it is supposed to be a good shirt and it is just made all crooked. We need American-made clothes. Please refuse to buy China-made clothes to help our country and to have better garments."----

"To the residents on Farmington Lane, are you seriously suggesting that the city government 'do something' about an employee who sadly had his/her home foreclosed on? I know something they can do, give the officers and deputies a raise that has not been issued in five years. While you have them on the phone ask them to send over one of the inmates that the officer arrested to cut the grass. It is sad that you would be the first one to call them over to help you and the first one to kick them when their down. That was a shameful remark you made, so much for love thy neighbor."