Living Way Worship Center International holds three-day crusade

Bishop Tim Needham, above, and his church, Living Way Worship Center International, will present the Anything is Possible Crusade Feb. 29 through March 2.

Bishop Tim Needham, above, and his church, Living Way Worship Center International, will present the Anything is Possible Crusade Feb. 29 through March 2.


Pastor Allen Bruton


Pastor Chris Sarno, left, of Relevant Church in Daytona Beach, Fla. and Pastor Allen Bruton, of New Hope Baptist Church in New Hope, S.C., along with Bishop Tim Needham, will preach at the Anything is Possible Crusade.

When Bishop Tim Needham gave his business card to a street preacher on the boardwalk in Daytona Beach, Fla., three years ago, he had no idea what God would make possible.

That chance encounter on his family vacation was the beginning of the Anything Possible Crusades that have now covered the Southeast and most recently traveled to Nairobi, Kenya. The three-day crusade is coming to Covington next week.

The boardwalk street preacher, Dennis Jones, took the card to his pastor, Chris Sarno, who in turn called Needham, the bishop of Living Way Worship Center in Covington and the two pastors immediately struck up a friendship.

"That was 2009, and my ministry team and I were so excited that we flew down two weeks later to meet Pastor Chris and his wife, Pastor Liz," Needham said. "It all got started through a chance meeting on the boardwalk and many, many lives have been changed by that one meeting."

Needham said judging by appearance, some people might have mistaken Jones for a homeless man, but he calls him a "mighty, mighty man of God" who continues his outreach ministry on the boardwalk and who was used by God to connect Needham and Sarno.

Sarno was close friends with Allen Bruton, a Baptist pastor in South Carolina, and soon Needham, Sarno and Bruton all got together and became partners in an effort to win the lost to Christ.

"Pastor Chris is amazing and Pastor Bruton is phenomenal," Needham said.

"You've got a New Jersey guy, you got me -- a white guy from the South -- and you've got a black guy from the South. We all mix together and it's an odd trio, but it works and reaches out. We work together as a great team. We're all great friends and our wives and kids all love each other...

"We're excited. Can you tell? I wish the whole world was excited about the ministry of Jesus."

Needham said the Anything Possible Crusade began as Bruton's vision of bringing together churches across the Southeast. The pastors formed an alliance partnership, which now includes other churches, as well, and began the crusades as a purpose to "bring three mighty messages to different communities all over the Southeast," Needham said.

The Anything Possible Crusade will be held at Living Way Worship Center International on Wednesday, Feb. 29, through Friday, March 2, at 7:30 each evening. Child care is available for children up to age 4.

Speakers include Needham, co-founder of Living Way who will preach on Wednesday night; Sarno of Relevant Church in Daytona Beach, Fla., who will preach on Thursday evening; and Bruton from New Hope Baptist Church in Greer, S.C. who will bring the message Friday night.

Sarno grew up in New Jersey and moved to Daytona Beach with his parents in his early 20s. He attend Rhema Bible College in Tulsa, Okla., and began his ministry at the International Miracle Center in Daytona Beach, which was an outreach ministry. The ministry has since moved to a new facility and is now called Relevant Church, and is in the Ormond Beach community.

Sarno has been on mission trips around the world, including an Anything Possible Crusade he and Needham recently held in Kenya. Sarno recently authored two books and will be featured on television on Atlanta Live next week. He and his wife Liz, who is also a pastor, are the parents of three children.

Bruton has been preaching since 1988, and attended Evangel Cathedral Bible College in Spartanburg, S.C. He is also a playwright for such gospel stage plays as "A Struggle to Be Free" and "Church Folk."

He is the founder of Summer Outreach "Praise in the Park," a non-profit outreach event that feeds the community and combines health awareness, ministry and praise in a local park in Greer. Bruton is also the founder of the City of Hope School of Ministry, which began in 2009.

The pastor is famous among his congregation for his favorite saying, "Devil, how do you like me now?" He and his wife of 24 years, Sharon, are the parents of two children. His congregation recently purchased 20 acres of land in Greer to build a new 19,000-square-foot facility.

Founded by Bishop Tim and Pastor Stacy Needham in 2005, Living Way Worship Center International states its theme as "Where the spirit of God reigns in a true and living way."

Needham has been in the ministry since 1995, and pastored other churches prior to starting Living Way Worship Center. His wife oversees the praise choir and youth dance and praise team. The Needhams are the parents of three children.

"Our main goal is to win people over to Jesus," Needham said of the upcoming crusade. "The whole world is hurting. If we rely on Jesus, everything is going to work out ... Anything is possible. Anything you need these three days -- salvation, healing -- whatever you're seeking, maybe an uplifting message, a positive influence, anything in these three days you really rely on God for, we want you to come.

"Don't limit God. You're not too far gone. You're not too sick. God is able to do all things... Come and expect life changes. Come expecting signs, wonders and miracles. It's going to be amazing."

Living Way Worship Center, which is located at 4051 Highway 81 in Covington, has Sunday morning worship at 10:45 and evening worship at 6. On Wednesday, a praise and worship service begins at 7:30, which is the same time Living Way offers its youth church service.

On the first and third Fridays of each month, Living Way has "Friday Night Fire" and "Youth on Fire" at 7:30, which are Bible studies for youth and adults. Living Way also offers a unique program for motorcycle enthusiasts called "Spoke 'N For Motorcycle Ministry."

Since forming their friendship and partnership, Needham, Sarno and Bruton are also involved in offering classes at their churches through the International Bible Training Center.

IBTC classes are offered to the community on Tuesday evenings at Living Way Worship Center at a nominal charge, Needham said. For more information, call the church at 770-728-0280.

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