LETTER: Threats to liberty at an all-time high

Threats to liberty at an all-time high

Respect for one's elders is automatic among those of my generation. For that reason, I've deleted most of my planned reply to Mr. Mullins' letter of Feb. 10 to your newspaper. He's four years older than me. He's bigger, too, as described in his veteran's story.

But, come on, Grady. You don't really mean what you said. "If we are to survive as a nation, those receiving a benefit or handout should be required to forfeit voting rights." Over 60 million of us depend on the benefit (or handout) called Social Security. About 9,000 of us live in Rockdale County.

At the front of this Republican-defined welfare line are the members of Congress. There can be few who obtain so many benefits/handouts than our current flock of federal legislators. And so, I agree with your final comment: "Vote to purge Congress of the character-deficient ... who fail to put the interest of the people before themselves." In fact, I would suggest that any member of Congress who votes to take away your voting rights or mine ought not just be purged from office but also be indicted for an act of treason against the people of the United States of America.

I can remember no time in which there were more threats to America's liberty than the present. GOP governors are working frantically to destroy labor unions. The Republican governor of Virginia is pushing legislation forcing pregnant women of that state to undergo rape with a foreign object (transvaginal ultrasound). GOP state legislators are working furiously to gerrymander their states to eliminate any Democratic challenges. Leaders in the current GOP presidential primaries and caucuses promise to criminalize any abortion. Shall the victim of incest or rape be tried as a murderess? Now these same GOP candidates along with the Pope and other elderly males wish to eliminate women's access to birth control. Lord help us, the next step will be to stop subsidizing erectile dysfunction medication. Grab your gun grandpa. They're about to go too far!

I see one final chance to avoid disaster. That will be the general election of 2012. Vote before that right is denied you. Vote to defend this nation where all men are created equal.

Let me offer a website for those who care for our nation. A long list of President Obama's accomplishments with citations can be found at the appropriately named pleasecutthecrap.typepad.com.

-- Milt Longbottom,