Newborn trying to stop sell of drug items

NEWBORN -- The town of Newborn is next in line to consider an ordinance banning the sale of drug-related items and paraphernalia.

The council will have the first reading of the ordinance at its Monday night meeting, taking place at 7 p.m. at Newborn Town Hall.

Mayor Roger Sheridan said public officials have been alerted that the convenience store in town is selling glass pipes that are typically used for smoking marijuana. The owner was asked to remove the items but instead placed them in a different location, he said.

"We just don't feel like they should be selling these things out in the open where young kids can buy them. There's no age limit on it. There's only one use for them that we know of," Sheridan said.

The town attorney is drafting an ordinance, which is not yet on file at Town Hall. However, the ordinance is expected to be similar to the one passed earlier this month by the city of Porterdale.

"We're just following Porterdale's lead," Sheridan said.

Porterdale prohibits items including various types of pipes used to smoke marijuana or other controlled substances, roach clips, miniature cocaine spoons, bongs, air-driven pipes, ice pipes and chillers.

Like Porterdale, businesses in Newborn that have the prohibited items in stock will have three months from the effective date of the ordinance to sell or dispose of the items.

"Anybody who's got input, anybody who has objections to it or comments on it, we want you to come out," Sheridan said. A final vote on the ordinance is expected to take place at the council's March 5 meeting.

-- Editor Alice Queen contributed to this story.