Feb. 19 Newton Poll

"Reading the comments about Covington City tickets/fines being waived on a 'following too close' ticket is a joke when all expenses are paid. I went to Solicitor Baig's courtroom and he stated this is 'let's make a deal' time, and your fine will never be lower than what we do right now. I was never given the option for review by Judge Strickland nor was I asked any questions, other than verifying this was my first traffic offense in 57 years of life. Now I know what needs to be done to get a ticket waived. And that ain't gonna happen."----

"I would like to write about the elephant in the room. I was born and raised in Clayton County, Jonesboro to be exact. A place much like Conyers and Covington. I am 53 so you can do the timeline. Jonesboro was a great place to live, grow up, and raise a family. I did it all. In the early '90s, we started to notice a surge of folks moving down from the North. Most were good folks of different races that wanted to start a new life in the South. Some moved into my neighborhood and we met some good folks, but also, some not so good. More and more folks moved down over the years and we started to notice a change. Not for the good, however. We started to see the crime rate go up dramatically. The school system was having trouble controlling some of the students. Businesses started to close and move to other areas. We started locking our doors and were frightened to go to places we used to go without worry. Good folks started moving out of the county as I did. They called it White Flight. But it was not just whites. It was all the good folks. Sound familiar. Drive through Forrest Park, College Park, Riverdale, and Jonesboro if you want a look at the future of this county. Or just take a short trip to DeKalb County. Folks, it's not only coming, this plague is here. For the good folks of all races, we must unite to stop this plague. We need to stop spending money on parks and trails and increase the police force three-fold. We can do it now or we will have to later. We need to put the heat on these thugs of all races. If you are convicted of a felony, you are banned from the county. If trouble makers in the schools are not learning and just causing trouble, expel them from all county schools. This will help the school system. Don't let any more apartments be built in the county. And be careful who you rent to. You'll regret it if you don't. Folks, this it not a race thing. Good folks of all races are concerned about this. Let's take the county back and push this bad element out of here. I for one am embarrassed to see us in the news. New companies that are thinking about locating here are looking as well. Let's be proactive this time. Open your eyes to the elephant in the room."----

"We are senior citizens, and we live in the Farmington Lane, Crestview section of Covington. We have lived here for over 25 years, and we have had to struggle to pay for our house and keep our property taxes current. Our complaint is regarding the Covington Police officer who moved into our neighborhood. ... his house in our neighborhood ... was foreclosed on. This house has sit empty for some time, and some of our neighbors have cut the grass and cleaned up around it where it will be less of an eyesore. ... City people living in your neighborhood used to be an asset but not any more. Our new mayor should put a stop to disgraceful behavior by city employees. We are afraid to sign because we live too close to the policeman."----

"I would like to take a moment to share my appreciation to a county employee, Tammy Henderson. Mrs. Henderson was extremely helpful with the process required to plan our wedding day at Gaither Plantation. I'm very confident that Mrs. Henderson and Mr. Roberts will fulfill all of our wedding desires. Thank you. I'll be sure to keep the paper updated on the experience."----

"I am a retired police officer residing on Lake Jackson. Several weeks ago the Citizen Poll printed an opinion from me concerning the lack of a Code of Conduct by the city of Covington. This rejection continues to discredit and harm the city, and it places an embarrassment on its citizens. This was displayed in the recent dismissal of a city judge. The city was unable to quote any section, chapter, or paragraph from an existing or specified 'code' that the judge violated. They had to improvise what they conceived to be wrongful acts. This type of administration is ripe for rotten politics. ... "


Covingtonian 3 years, 5 months ago

To the writer about the elephant in the room. I couldn't agree more and don't feel that I am the only one who agrees with you. I have for some time felt that there are enough decent law abiding people who need some way to come together and brainstorm ways to keep our community from being taken over by lawlessness. I attended a meeting at the Covington fire dept. several years ago where a community (Nelson Heights) wanted the help of the Police Department in combating hoodlums who they felt were taking over their neighborhood. Although city officials were there so was a local reporter who proceeded to take pictures of those present to the consternation of many of those who attended. Many were elderly or single females who had a right to fear reprisals. We were informed that since it was a public meeting the press had a right to be there. I am not aware of any reprisals but just know if there is a public meeting for people to organize your face may end up in the paper.


bb1925 3 years, 5 months ago

To the residents on Farmington Lane, are you seriously suggesting that the city government "do something" about an employee who sadly had his/her home foreclosed on? When you call the city to complain that someone's grass is not cut ask them to send one of the inmates that this officer risked his/her life locking up to go out and cut it. Or you could ask the city to issue a pay raise to officers and deputies since they have not done so in 5 years. It's sad that you would be the first one to call them over to help you and the first one to kick them when their down. That was a shameful remark you posted. So much for love thy neighbor...


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